Chris Duncan traded for Julio Lugo

Chris Duncan: hated one day, demoted the next, and then traded:

Confirmed on the STL end:

Cardinals are not responsible for the $13.5 million that remains on Lugo’s contract. Boston is eating that money. The Red Sox just wanted to get something in return.

Red Sox will also receive the infamous Player to Be Named Later — or “cash considerations,” but if it is a player it won’t be a premium guy.

As for Lugo, I’m told plans are to use him at multiple INF positions. He will not start.

At least not right from the beginning.

If merely criticizing Duncan made La Russa want to vomit, riding him out of town on a rail probably has him looking like Linda Blair in “The Exorcist.”

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  1. Dan Novick said...

    Two bad players traded, and THT has wall-to-wall coverage of it. What will happen if/when Halladay is traded? Sheesh.

  2. Nick Whitman said...

    Nice, two underachieving left first basemen in one day.  Did the front office have a quota to meet.

    Whatever.  The fact that the Sox got a warm body for Lugo is cause for some kind of celebration, I suppose.

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