Comment of the Day: Heresy!

This morning in ATH I said:

Ian Kinsler starts the game with a leadoff homer and ends it with a walkoff. Pretty neat! Not so neat that he did it off of a knuckleball, of course — Karma’s gonna kick him in the jewels for that somehow — but I suppose he’s riding pretty high today, anyway.

Reader GregE shows the limitations of box score divination, however, with this comment:

Kinsler hit the walkoff off of the knuckleball’s 85 mph fastball pretty much down the middle of the plate.

So, it would seem this is not a simple instance of a hitter disrespecting the flutterball. It’s an instance of R.A. Dickey losing faith in the very wellspring of his power. “When was I not there for you?” I hear the knuckleball whisper. “Why would you forsake the guile which has always aided you in your journeys in exchange for an illusion of power? A power which has betrayed you time and again?”

Team: Minnesota Twins
Player: R.A. Dickey
Transaction: Placed on 15-Day DL, (soul).

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  1. Amos said...

    And props to Dickey for owning up to his failures.

    With four reporters huddled around him, Dickey continued his tortured analysis.

    “But in that situation, you’ve got a base open at first, everything played to me living or dying with the knuckleball the whole night,” he said. ”That’s what I should have done and it was my fault.”

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