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I don’t highlight a reader comment every day, but “Comment of the past 10-12 days or so” doesn’t fit in the title bar. Anyway, here’s The Common Man’s response to that knucklehead in the Daily News who wrote “But I say Kent cannot be looked at as a second baseman”:

He also can’t be looked at as a baseball player, motorcycle enthusiast, mustache-aficionado, carbon-based life-form, human being, or any of the other things that Kent undeniably is. Instead, let’s look at him as what he is not: a leftfielder, a left-handed hitter, an Arabian prince, a dishwasher, an idea. And clearly based on how he stacks up to what he is not, he’s not qualified to be in the Hall of Fame. For Jeff Kent is a piss-poor dishwasher and a mediocre idea at best.

TCM’s comparisons make just as much sense as the knucklehead’s.

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  1. said...

    On a related not Colin Cowherd said on the radio that he thought it was a joke that Jeff Kent was considered by some a first ballot hall of famer and went on to say that he does not want his second baseman to hit home runs. Me neither I would much rather have Luis Castillo than Chase Utley. Sure Utley is a better fielder and a better hitter, but at least Castillo does not hit home runs. Having a second baseman hit home runs is almost as bad as batting a guy who can’t steal bases but has a high obp leadoff.

  2. Bill said...

    Well, I don’t want my worthless, obviously bigoted, excellent-website-destroying, head-up-their-a$$es, how-the-hell-did-they-get-on-national-radio talk show hosts talking about the Hall of Fame. Or baseball. Or anything at all, if it can be helped. Seriously, someone take the man’s larynx.

    Brilliant comment by TCM, though.

  3. The Common Man said...

    First, I’d like to give all thanks and praise to God.  Next, I have to thank my wife and family for their continued support and love.  Oh, so many other people.  Thank you, Craig, for this honor.  Thank you to Bill Price, without whose comic illogicalness this comment would not have been possible.  Thank you Jeff Kent for your 17 years of excellent hitting that inspired Price’s idiocy.  And, of course, thank you to the good people at Hewlett-Packard, without whom I wouldn’t have had this computer to type said comment.

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