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This comment, from J.W. in the Enemies/Smurfs thread, comes the closest to capturing my inner monologue at almost every moment of every single day:

You know what I don’t get? Luke’s plan for saving Han basically boiled down to using his lightsaber and jedi jumpy abilities to take out some enemies, grab his buddies and bolt. So why go to all the trouble of getting three more of your friends captured, AND hiding your lightsaber in your little droid friend all in the long-shot of long-shot hopes that said droid would be used as a serving tray and have convenient window access. Why not just keep the lightsaber in your pocket and do your thing from the get-go? It’s not like there was a metal detector in Jabba’s palace. Seems like a case of over-managing, if you ask me. Just leave the righty pitcher in to face the lefty slugger, ok? He’ll be fine, Girardi, he’ll be fine. You don’t ALWAYS have to play the matchups! What’s that? I’m rambling?

If he threw in some Dylan lyrics and a lurid-yet-juvenile fantasy or two, I’d be convinced that J.W. is a psychic.

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  1. Rob² said...

    You’re missing the point.  The light saber/Jedi jumping thing was, at best, Plan C.  Plan A was for Leia to spring Han in the dead of night after offering up Chewy.  Plan B was for Luke to use his Jedi mind powers to “convince” Jabba to release Han.  Plan C was, OK we’re screwed, let’s make it up as we go along.

    If anything, this is the equivalent of bringing in Wakefield to relieve Arroyo in Game 3 of the 2004 ALCS when he was the scheduled starter for Game 4.

  2. Craig Calcaterra said...

    But why start with Leia/Chewie?  You’d still need a plan to spring Chewie later, right?  Send Luke in to clean house and you’re done by lunch.

    This is really all about the Sarlacc wagging the dog.

  3. J.W. said...

    Frankly, Craig, I don’t know whether to be humbled, honored or frightened for both of us. Rob, that’s actually a good point, and a great baseball equivalent, but it still leaves us with the question of why put the lightsaber in R2 to begin with? Not that I have that much of a problem with the whole situation since it did end up with Leia in the dancing girl out fit. (Lurid-yet-juvenile: check). That Leia, she’s a lone forsaken beauty. (Dylan lyrics: check)

    Another question, how could they be slowly digested for a thousand years? Is there something in the Sarlacc’s digetive juices that keeps people alive for 10 centuries?

  4. Rob² said...

    Why start with Leia/Chewie?  Why not start with Luke opening up a can of whoop-ass?  Good questions.  Besides the obvious plot device, my best guess is that it’s not in the Jedi Code to start with the most violent and deadly option.

    And doesn’t Chewie owe a life-debt to Han?  The least he could do is offer himself to spring his liege from spending eternity encased in carbonite.

  5. David said...

    While I hate juxtaposing Star Wars with MLB (the same way a husband hates juxtaposing his loving wife with some sterile corporate skank he nails out of boredom), I want to second Rob2’s good points. 

    Furthermore, Luke was presumably planning on having R2 send him his lightsaber in Jabba’s lair if and when negotiations failed.  Obviously, though, the floor was literally pulled out from under that plan, and so he adapted to the change.

    (Incidentally, there’s also one behind-the-scenes explanation for the issue with his lightsaber: in the original script, there was a scene with Luke constructing that new lightsaber and inserting it into R2 before sending the droids off to Jabba’s palace.  So, they were probably anxious to find any reason to reveal the new green lightsaber (on sale at now at Toys R Us, kiddos!) in a dramatic manner, and so that’s perhaps why the extended logic a little bit in that scene.)

    (Also, don’t forget to check out my Star Wars video!)

  6. Harrison said...

    I remember reading “Tales from Jabba’s Palace” that had a lot of the backstories and behind the scene things going on during “Jedi.”  I remember Lando was a big part of working some inside espionage that made sure Threepio and Artoo would be used in the ways they were.  I read it quite a while ago but I remember it being a really fun read and would recommend it for any Star Wars nerd.

  7. t ball said...

    I seriously doubt the “smurfs are three apples tall” thing.  C’mon, they live in mushrooms.  Those must be the smurfiest mushrooms EVER if the blue freaks are really 3 apples tall, but can still be plenty shorter than their little mushroom houses.

  8. Randy said...

    Some things are best left unquestioned. Like why Stormtroopers wear gear that makes them slower, very inaccurate shots and can’t stop a bullet/laser.

  9. Beanster said...

    Been traveling a lot for several weeks, and not up on my ShysterBall.  Just saw this post and comments – you guys (and gals) are the best!

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