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I was a D.J. at a radio station for a few years in high school and college. Within the first few days on the air, I started to get hate mail and people calling to yell at me. I was only 16 at the time, and this bothered me a great deal. My boss, Bob the Program Director, told me not to worry. “Silence is way worse than anger,” he said, “because at least anger means people are listening to you.” Such advice only goes so far, but once in a while I get a comment that makes me think of Bob. Like this one, in response to this morning’s Curt Schilling piece:

Back off Schil. you jerk!

I hear so many people talk about Curt “running his mouth” but never a word about the fact that most of the time the guy is dead-on right. He’s called out players he KNEW were dirty and cheating the game. So what the hell is wrong with that?!

How can anyone bust Curts chops for enjoying the spotlight when you can’t turn on a TV without seeing the latest steroid cheat from the Yankees making another empty apology for doing “something” wrong.

At least with Schilling we knew he wasn’t out chasing mannish strippers and chomping ‘roids like A-Fraud.

Curt Schilling stands out in the world of MLB today simply because he speaks the truth regardless of the BS he’s gotten from those who would prefer to remain blissfully ignorant of the games issues (like the jerk who wrote the article here).

And why wouldn’t a team like the Cubs be more than happy to bring in one of MLBs best playoff pitchers of the last twenty years?

Instead of attacking Schilling you should be kissing his fat hairy a** for having enough moral integrity to speak the truth in a game that has lived and flourished off of lies for the last two decades.
If anything the game needs more players like Curt.

Man, I wish Schilling’s mom had never found this blog.

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  1. Aarcraft said...

    Unfortunatley, this reponse does not evidence that the guy was listening to you. Nothing he said was relevant to anything you actually wrote, so it seems, at most, he was listening to the title of your post.

  2. Ty said...

    Every player who has ever and will ever play the game will, from now on, be defined solely by the measure to which they are like / not like Alex Rodriguez, as a human being.  Forget WARP, OPS and Win Shares: the only stat that matters is the A-Rod Symmetrical Quotient.

  3. MooseinOhio said...

    Several assumption may have been made in his comments. 

    The first being that Schilling has never done PEDs as he may have prior to testing and may have used HGH post steroids testing.  Unfortunately taking any player at their word is risky and while I tend to believe Schilling was clean I will not take anything, with any player, with total certainly about not having taken PEDs.  I am not throwing all players into the PEDs pools but the clean players unwillingness push the PA to ask for testing is partly to blame for the current era of uncertainty.

    The second assumption is in regards to Schilling telling the truth – again I do not tend to disagree with much of what he has said about baseball.  However Schilling has used his baseball celebrity to push his political and moral beliefs as well and I do not agree with all of what he advocates and cannot accept them to be truths.  I do believe that some of the other Curt bashers are equally as critical of his non-baseball commentary.

    Lastly, the ‘kiss his fat hairy a**’ may be an assumption as well unless there is some insider knowledge.  As one who has seen him in a baseball uniform I concur with the fat comment but wonder where the knowledge of hairy may be coming from. 

    (Please note – the above is meant to be joke and not a shot at writer of the initial comment)

  4. Jason @ IIATMS said...

    Looks/sounds like ole Curt is suffering from “savioritis”.  what a shame.  Seems that he needs to be put on yet a higher pedastal.

  5. hermitfool said...

    Not to take anything away from wise men like Curt Schilling and Jose Canseco, but wouldn’t it be refreshing if the guy making public statements was Bill “Spaceman” Lee or Mickey Rivers?

  6. Millsy said...

    Poll of More Unnatural-ness?:

    A) Curt Schilling stapling his achilles on

    B) Taking a supplement that allows your body to produce more hormones

  7. Wooden U Lykteneau said...

    Oh come on people – this is so obviously the work of a fellow Yavapai Community College alumnus.

  8. Andy L said...

    Ahhh.  Good times.  Schilling got me that first Series in 2004…but that doesn’t make him not a jackass.  A future Hall of Famer, but a jackass nonetheless.

  9. Chris said...

    I’m not a card-carrying Schilling Hater (as are many people I know), but I think even Curt’s mom would readily admit that her son craves the spotlight the way vampires crave blood.  He’s a borderline HOF candidate, but he’s a first-ballot, inner-circle attention hound.

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