Common players on my 2010 fantasy teams

I did this last off-season, so with all of my fantasy drafts now in the books, I thought I’d highlight which players ended up on my fantasy teams the most this year. As I mentioned last year, just because a player is on here doesn’t mean he was a “have to have” guy for me or that I was targeting him specifically. Take this list for what it’s worth, simply that these players, for one reason or another, wound up on my fantasy team multiple times.

Last year, this list included players who turned in good value like Raul Ibanez, Nyjer Morgan, Javier Vazquez, Cody Ross, Kosuke Fukudome, Jorge de la Rosa, and Ross Ohlendorf. Of course, there were also some duds like Matt Wieters, Kelly Johnson, Chris Dickerson, and Kenshin Kawakami.

This year I’m playing in Tout Wars (Mixed), LABR (NL), and CardRunners (AL), so players listed are those who wound up on my Tout Wars team and his respective “only” league. I’m also playing in the FSIC NL again this year with Paul Singman, but bear in mind that Paul was the primary drafter for that league so their appearance on the list may or may not reflect my own strong feelings towards the player (they usually do, although conversely, some players may be absent from the list). I’ve put an asterisk next to the FSIC players to keep you alert to this. Also, because I have two NL-only teams and just one AL-only team, there is some definite selection bias here with fewer AL players on the list.

Hitters — 2 teams
Jay Bruce: LABR, TOUT
Ian Stewart: LABR, TOUT
Nelson Cruz: TOUT, CR
Julio Borbon: TOUT, CR
David Ortiz: TOUT, CR
Russell Branyan: TOUT, CR
Alcides Escobar: TOUT, FSIC*
Andy LaRoche: LABR, FSIC*
Martin Prado: TOUT, FSIC*
Kosuke Fukudome: LABR, FSIC*
Ronny Cedeno: LABR, FSIC*
J.R. Towles: TOUT, FSIC*

Pitchers— 2 teams
Colby Lewis: TOUT, CR
Takashi Saito: LABR, TOUT
Ricky Nolasco: LABR, FSIC*
Hiroki Kuroda: TOUT, FSIC*
Mike Adams: TOUT, FSIC*

Questions on any of these guys? Feel free to drop them in the comments and I’d be happy to answer.

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  1. Andrew said...


    I invested mid-round draft picks in Bruce and Stewart, myself.  I am very enamored with their upside, to say the least. 

    But what do you think the odds are that they hit above .270 or (dare I dream) .280?  Because if they do, there’s a good chance they’ll both end up being top 50 players.

  2. Keith said...


    I’m in an OBP league and have had Fukudome in the past.  He’s usually good for a few hot streaks, but do you think there is any chance he can “break out” and become more consistent?

    Re: Branyan – do you think he could duplicate last year?

    Thanks, I find these type of articles interesting.

  3. John K said...

    I’d like a little more on Lewis than Derek asks for -

    What is it you see that makes him such a good value? 

    His K rate is certainly not going to be greater than 1/IP as it was in Japan, but do you see him even coming close to maintaining those absurd walk rates he had at Hiroshima?

    Also the homer rates were exceptionally low – is power a lot more scarce in Japan?  I know Texas will boost those hr/9 numbers, but talk about delicious stats…

  4. carter richard carter said...

    Hey Derek, Ortiz has had a very poor Spring, does this worry you? What are the reasons you like him enough to have him on two of your teams? Maybe the Yankees will trade Montero to the Sox to be their DH???? Right. Thanks, man.

  5. Tim said...

    I’m all in on Nolasco.  I’ve watched the guy pitch alot this spring and think he’s ready for a big season.  That being said, there are some problems.

    #1 He had a 5.05 ERA last year and that’s keeping me up at night.  Yeah, I’m a dork.

    #2 He doesn’t have a very good fastball.  He throws it less that almost anyone in the leauge, but it’s very hittable.

    #3 He’s terrible when guys get on base.

    #4 Florida’s defense is terrible.

    Did I mention that I really like him? His control and strikeout ability make him really stand out.  I love him going into the year, but I wish the season would start already so I could stop worry about all his potential prolems.  I have the other 2 Nolasco-esque guys on my big team too…Gavin Floyd and Brett Anderson.

    What’s your take on Nolasco?

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