I certainly wouldn’t want to be Alex Rodriguez right now, but it would be way better to be him than whoever it was dropped the dime on him:

The judge in the Barry Bonds perjury case could find BALCO prosecutors, investigators or officials in contempt if evidence connects them to the leak of formerly anonymous 2003 Major League baseball drug tests that resulted in allegations that Alex Rodriguez took steroids.

A source familiar with the proceedings between the government and MLB players union said, “It is not possible this was leaked without there being a violation of the law.”

There’s a lot more to it, so anyone interested should read it all. The kicker here is that the question of whether those tests — A-Rod’s included — should ever have been seized in the first place is still pending before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. If they find that the original search warrants were illegal, the leaker will not only have violated the court order of a U.S. District Court judge, but he will have exacerbated the violation of the players’ Constitutional rights. The former will get that person sanctioned by Judge Illston. The latter, assuming the leaker was a lawyer, could very well get him disbarred.

In any event, I sure hope Selena Roberts is enjoying her victory lap over her scoop, because she may very soon find herself in front of Judge Illston being ordered to reveal her sources.

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  1. YankeesfanLen said...

    You know not the press, they have ulterior motives hawking their rags.
    Not the Players Union- too busy looking for or making up excuses.
    Not the pompous whistle blower- some misguided governemnt clark schnook to whom baseball means nothing.
    Answer: Only the New York Yankees organization who are trying their best to help and maintain the dignity they are known for.
    A-Rod an unsympathetic character? Re-read the Joe DiMaggio bio from a few years ago.
    My mantra (for the second day in a row) Leave A-Rod alone!

  2. Pete Toms said...

    I have some sympathy for A Rod and Bonds and Clemens.  Because they are superstars they will suffer the greatest consequences…others just as guilty but less talented, less famous, less accomplished, perhaps less dedicated, go relatively unnoticed…

  3. go zips said...

    why wouldnt you want to be a rod? he’s making MILLIONS.  he has banged many hot celebrity chicks. he, his kids, his kids kids and his kids kids kids never have to work a day in their lives. so what he took steroids.  i would trade places with him yesterday. he has 252 million reasons to trade places with him. he could retire tomorrow and never be heard from again without missing a beat.

  4. philosofool said...

    What do you mean he will never have to work a day in his life? He works at practice, he works when he plays, he works when he has to get on a plane and fly 2000 miles for a game. He works well past eight o’clock at least a few days every week from April to the end of September. And if he does really well, he works through the month of October. If you add up all the time that he has to spend doing something someone else tells him to do, well, that’s a lot of time. He’s very, very handsomely rewarded for that time, but don’t pretend like it’s not a lot of time doing what other people tell him to do. That, if you ask me, is work.

  5. Kevin said...

    So far as Judge Illston, he can order all he wants. I’d be very shocked if she gave up her source(s) under any circumstances, save for them releasing her from her obligation. To do otherwise would be professional suicide.

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