CRS Report on the Curt Flood Act

Legislation geeks — and I know you exist and read this blog — will be interested to know that the Congressional Research Service (i.e. the outfit which does all of Congress’s research) is working to make its reports available to the public. One of the reports made public last week was the report that ultimately led to the enactment of the Curt Flood Act of 1998, which stripped the owners of its antitrust exemption in the area of labor matters.

Like the steroid stuff, you’ll either think it’s really cool or it will bore you to tears, but I made it my mission long ago to bother everyone at one time or another, so there you are.

(thanks to reader Redsauce for the link)

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  1. Andy L said...

    The Curt Flood Act, however, is toothless.  Although the antitrust exemption was stripped, the labor exemption remains.  In order for suit to be brought, a player would have to leave the union or the MLBPA would have to decertify itself as a union.

    Sorry, but I just read A Well-Paid Slave by Brad Snyder (who teaches at my law school).

  2. Mike Masnick said...

    Heh.  To be quite clear, this is NOT CRS “working to make its reports available to the public.”  CRS has, in fact, worked quite hard to keep its works OUT of public view, despite the fact that they are technically public domain.

    This was a flat out leak.  Someone who does want the info public leaked over $1 billion worth of research to both wikileaks (who you link to) and opencrs.

    The content is legal… but it was most certainly not the doing of CRS, who wants to keep as much of this underwraps as possible

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