Cuban’s side of the story

Mark Cuban isn’t going to be the next Cubs’ owner, and today on his blog he tells us why he thinks that is. He blames a lot of things — Jerry Reinsdorf and the capital and credit markets to name a few — but never once mentions that he’s being sued by the SEC for insider trading.

At the end of the piece he notes that he has asked MLB for an extension on his bid, and that no one is returning his calls. It seems to me that the lawsuit is a pretty good reason for them not to.

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  1. MooseinOhio said...

    He never stood a chance anyway and the SEC lawsuit was the perfect excuse for MLB to not consider him but even w/out the suit and an extension of time Bud, with Reinsdorf in his ear, was not going to let into the club.

  2. APBA Guy said...

    Fascinating blog entry. How much can we believe? Is he really not going to put himself through this sales process again? And why did he never have occassion to chat with Reinsdorf? He had to know how close Reinsdorf is to Bud. So many questions, so much PR.

  3. Tony said...

    I’m pretty sure he doesn’t believe the 9/11 conspiracy theories.  He just distributed a movie that peddled that BS.  The movie had garnered a lot of attention on the net and a lot of people had seen it, so he explained distributing it as a way to flush it out of the shadows and let it get discredited (while making some money).  But Cuban’s a dude who voted for GWB in 2004, so I really doubt he believed that garbage.

  4. Pete Toms said...

    @ Tony.  Thanks, the movie is exactly what I was referring to.  I didn’t know he voted for W in 04 ( I don’t read his blog ), I find that amusing though considering he is a darling of baseball bloggers, most who are proudly and loudly anti W.

  5. RoyceTheBaseballHack said...

    I never saw Cuban running the Cubs as a good fit, anyway. I’m over it. He’d want to be suspended over the field by cables, like one of those NFL cameras, zooming around with a joystick and yelling crap at the players in the middle of a game:
    “..Bend your knees…!”
    “..Don’t forget to throw off your right foot..!”
    “..look sexy..!”

    I’ve said it before: if Cuban wants to prove his crazy rich prowess in baseball, he should buy the dang Royals. Of course, the whole SEC thing, and Bud hating his guts are a problem.

  6. Pete Toms said...

    Cuban is an attention seeker ( which isn’t to say that his interest in acquiring the Cubs wasn’t genuine ).  How else to explain his appearance on “Dancing with the Stars”.  Ick.  He’s also a 9/11 whacko, ick again.

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