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People hate wasting time, and most people hate reading articles because often times reading articles means wasting your ever-valuable time. In fact, you might feel that I am doing that exact thing at this very moment. If that is true, I apologize.

Alright, now that we have lost 50 percent of the people who initially began to read this article, let me share with you a possibly more efficient way of finding out who to add or drop than reading boring articles.

You see, certain people in this world decide to write articles trying to help other people do better in fantasy baseball. Some are more qualified to do so and others are better at it, but I won’t get into that at the moment. These same people also tend to compete in fantasy leagues themselves, some public and some private.

Wouldn’t it be of value then, to check who these experts are adding and dropping in their own leagues instead of reading articles written by them about who you should be adding and dropping? If you find an experts league similar to your own, I feel the answer is yes. And even if you do have the time to read fantasy baseball articles, checking the recent moves in an expert’s league—or even any other league you are in—can provide a straightforward answer of who are good candidates to add.
Below I’ve compiled a small list of leagues that anyone can view for your convenience.

The leagues

Yahoo F&F League —This is a 14-team mixed league that has active owners. Daily add/drops makes it ideal for snooping and, most importantly, I’m in it.

Card Runners League—This is a 10 team AL-only league from which the Quants vs. Quaints debate began that I know everyone wants to hear more about. It doesn’t post specific FAAB adds (Derek posts his own, though) but the rosters by period are listed on the site.

THT Fantasy Twitter feed—Speaking of how Derek posts his specific player claims in the CR League, he also posts that information for two other leagues he is in: Tout Wars mixed league and LABR NL. Make sure to thank him for that.

The Tout Wars website is incredibly detailed and has information about every transaction in the 15-team mixed, 12-team AL, and 13-team NL leagues. The transaction log page is honestly incredible but is only updated weekly.

Finally there are the LABR NL (13 team) an AL (12 team) pages that give you everyone’s rosters but do not tell you who was recently added or dropped by certain teams.

Final thoughts

If there are any leagues that are public that I have missed, feel free to share them in the comments. Also as a final yet important note, I don’t think Waiver Wire-type articles are useless, especially the weekly ones published by Josh and Jeffrey every Friday right here. Staying on top of many players’ situations by reading those articles is definitely of value. My purpose was simply to highlight a potentially overlooked way of accomplishing the same task of finding players.

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  1. eric kesselman said...

    If people are interested in the specific add/drops in the CR league, please let me know. I’d be happy to share them.

  2. Josh Shepardson said...

    Here is a link to an expert/blogger league that I’m partaking in.

    Represented are sites such as fangraphs, the fantasy baseball cafe, Razz Ball, KFFL, the fantasy baseball cafe, among others. 

    Let me know if the link doesn’t work in the comments, it is open for the public to view, but I may have to e-mail the commish for the link that was previously on the message board.

  3. Paul Singman said...

    Thanks for the link, Josh, and yes it works. The daily add/drop leagues work the best for this.

  4. Todd said...

    No offense meant to you, because I see what you were saying, but I completely disagree with the point of this article. Who a specific owner is adding or dropping depends more on their roster make-up than on the players involved in the transaction. The reason reading a waiver article works is to see who “experts” feel will be getting more playing time/is swinging the bat well/etc. Seeing that same expert add a Fred Lewis because they had an injury bug in the outfield doesn’t help me in the least.

  5. Paul Singman said...

    Todd I understand what your saying, not every add made by someone in another league will be helpful, same as not every suggestion in a WW article will be. However, sometimes you will comes across a player you see added in another league that will pique your interest so it can be worth checking…

  6. Derek Ambrosino said...

    Playing in multiple leagues can be helpful in this spirit as well. It just another chance to get the news from somebody else in those instances when you happened to miss it.

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