Dayton Moore has more job security than you do

Always good to see merit being rewarded:

The Royals have reached a tentative agreement with general manager Dayton Moore on a four-year contract extension that runs through 2014. The new deal could be announced as soon as tonight. The move confirms owner David Glass’ belief that Moore has the organization pointed in the right direction despite this season’s disappointing play.

Ask yourself: if you, in your own profession, made a mistake equivalent to trading for Yuniesky Betancourt, would you expect to be fired, or given five years of lucrative job security?

Ask yourself something else: how is the guy who runs the most successful corporation on the planet capable of making a judgment like “Moore has the organization pointed in the right direction”?

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  1. Chris H. said...

    Makes you wonder what Moore would have to do to get fired.  Think we could get him to take Bradley, or Soriano, or something?  How about Soriano for Greinke straight up?

  2. Grant said...

    Ooh! I can play this game! How about Melvin Mora for Greinke? Sure, Melvin’s contract is about up, but I bet Dayton could get an exclusive negotiating window to sign him to a three-year extension.

  3. The Rabbit said...

    To Royals fans: You have my deepest sympathy.
    As a Mets fan, I can only hope that Moore’s talent, business acumen, and manlove for Jeff Francouer results in a trade of Zack who will soon be a drain on the Royals’ payroll (I don’t think Glass can manufacture a Zack in China cheaper.) for the aforenamed. One can only dream.

  4. YankeesfanLen said...

    From a retail standpoint, I’m sure Glass knows what he’s doing: Put junk on the shelves, sell high for in-demand items (Greinke) and keep the salary percent down while maintaining that “We’re poor old country boys just running a store”.

  5. Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

    The Rabbit – You’re forgetting that Minaya is the Mets’ GM, so when the Mets and Royals are talking trades, it’s not unlike Hellen Keller playing Stevie Wonder in a game of tennis.

  6. Yamen said...

    The Rabbit:
    Before a Mets fan tries to make fun of the Royals, might I remind him that the same Royals GM did manage to fleece Brian Bannister out of the Mets? Moore sucks, but I think just by virture of that one move Minaya has proved to be even more clueless than Dayton.

  7. The Rabbit said...

    @Wooden and Yamen
    I am, first and foremost, a baseball fan. “Team fandom” is far down the list. 
    I was in no way making fun of the Royals (I live in MO and was actually hoping the Royals would put something together this year.) nor claiming any kind of superiority. It would be much more interesting if everyone were fielding really competitive teams.
    I was offering my sincere sympathy. I understand how frustrating it is to have a less than stellar GM because the Mets do have Minaya….and Minaya did just recently sign Francoeur.
    I can still hope that Moore wants him….and who wouldn’t want Zack?
    BTW Helen Keller vs. Stevie Wonder in a tennis match is a great analogy.

  8. Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

    The Rabbit – If only Minaya were a thorn in the Mets’ hide. Washington is *still* reeling from the damage he did to the farm system from ‘02 to ‘04. “Raped” might not be a harsh enough word.

  9. Chris H. said...

    Bradley for Guillen?  Oh, no no no, I don’t think so.

    If Moore could pull that one off, it would (A) cause me to re-evaluate Moore, and (B) toss Jim Hendry into the team photo for dumbest GMs ever.

  10. Yamen said...

    @The Rabbit
    Ah, I wasn’t offended my friend, I’m not even a Royals fan. I was merely pointing out the observation. I feel bad for both Mets and Royals fans. It’s truly sad to be stuck with such inept people as GMs.

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