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Davy Johnson said that he’d rather forfeit the WBC than play someone out of position at catcher, fearing that such a thing risks injury. Why then did he have no problem playing my team’s catcher out of position in left field? Yes, I will grant that it’s easier to get hurt catching than it is playing left, but radically out of position is radically out of position, no?

Atlanta has already lost Chipper Jones for some amount of time, and given his history, he’ll be nagged all year with this injury. If McCann had hurt himself too, there wouldn’t be much point to the Braves’ season, now, would there?

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  1. themarksmith said...

    That was pretty hilarious when he did that, but I was a little perturbed. Who loaned McCann the glove?

  2. Ron said...

    As an avowed Yankee hater, I never thought I would say this:

    But where is Billy Martin when we really need him?

  3. Matt S. said...

    One article I read stated that experienced OF Mark DeRosa lent McCann the glove, DeRosa was playing 3B. What makes even less sense about the whole thing is that DeRosa could have moved to LF Youk to 3B and McCann to 1B just as easily as Johnson putting McCann in LF. DeRosa played plenty of LF and Youkilis spent at least a dozen games last season at 3B. McCann then would have only had to man 1B, the least difficult transition for a catcher (not named Mike Piazza) to make. 

    Johnson’s managing in the WBC has been really horrible. This incident is only one example. Leaving Peavy in to hit a pitch count while he got shelled was farcical. Team USA has given credence to all the voices that say that this whole tournament is a misguided, boring spectacle made to profit MLB at the expense of the rest of the season.

  4. kendynamo said...

    i think it’s best to leave davy johnson’s infinite wisdom unquestioned.  i’m sure he has plenty of good reasons to sabotage the braves’ season.

  5. Timmy said...

    I was pretty pissed when I found out that they had BMac out in LF, myself.  My first thought was him trying to make some diving/sliding catch and Matt Diaz-ing himself.

    Of course, I’m not a big fan of the WBC, it’s entertaining, but it’s at the end of the day, it is, and will forever be an arbitrary competition.

    I’ll be happy when all three of Chipper, McCann and Vazquez are back in Disney World.  USA winning this competition doesn’t do much for me.

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