Deep Thoughts

Because I planned on, you know, having a regular job and everything by now, I hadn’t pitched anyone on the idea of sending me out to California in March to cover the Barry Bonds trial. Now that I still have free time, however, it seems like a splendid idea. Because more people read these posts than any emails I send out, I’ll just make the proposal public:

Position sought

Who: a lawyer/baseball expert who knows his way around the steroid debate and can write a little

to cover the Barry Bonds perjury trial with irreverent yet informed verbiage

Where: for your major media outlet and/or website

Compensation: plane ticket, lodging, sandwich money, and whatever else you think is fair

Why: Because I’m really, really bored, really, really tired of winter, and would like to get out to California for a while. Also, as I mentioned, I can write a little.

I suppose that’s a bit obvious and desperate, but at least it’s honest. Please direct all inquiries to the secretary I imagine having from time to time.

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  1. Ron said...

    As a lawyer, can’t you file a motion for postponement until April?

    When you go out to write this story, don’t you need to attend games in person, so that you can provide the proper background and perspective.

  2. APBA Guy said...

    Good luck landing that gig, we’d love to have you out here for a while. Maybe you could fill in the recess time with interviews with Beane and Sabean, etc..

  3. Jason @ IIATMS said...

    I can hear Mrs. Shyster now: “Settle down, big guy.  You’re not bailing out on me and the kids in the middle of winter.  Now get your a** off the couch and fix lunches for them.  And when you’re done with that…”

  4. MooseinOhio said...

    I’ll pitch in a few dollars to cover your morning coffee and muffin. 

    Of course if Jason is right then I pitch in a few bucks so our mutual pal Johnnie Walker stops by and keeps you company as you watch MLBTV at night.  Wait you don’t get MLBTV do you … okay it will be Johnnie Black stopping by and not his little brother Red.

  5. APBA Guy said...

    After the “This Will Be Ugly” post all the APBA Guys here (there are 3 of us in the NVABL alone-it’s world famous smile)decided to pitch in and buy you a true SF lunch-clam chowder at Fisherman’s wharf eaten out of a hollowed loaf of sourdough bread. Sounds like Moose has the bereages covered.

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