Deep Thoughts

First she took down Sarah Palin, and now it turns out that she nailed A-Rod to the wall when she interviewed him a few years ago. Query: are there any PR professionals out there who still have Katie Couric on their “softball” list? The way things have gone recently, I think I’d rather be interviewed by Mike Wallace back when he had his 1970s fastball.

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  1. Chris Kash said...

    My eyes must be tired from all the A-Rod articles because at first glance I thought you wrote that Katie Couric went down on Palin. There’s an image for ya!

  2. Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

    Of course, “taking down” Sarah Palin wasn’t exactly a very high bar to clear – kind of like saying someone who can outrun Mike Scioscia is a speedster.

  3. Olivier said...

    For a short, fleeting moment, I tought you were talking about Tina Fey taking on A-Rod in some way…


  4. Chris H. said...

    Didn’t take long for this comment thread to take a wrong turn!

    Of course, Craig, any articles you want to write about Tina Fey taking on anyone are fine by me.

    Even better with pics.

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