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The other gig gives me access to the AP and Getty photo wire, each of which contains thousands upon thousands of pictures. And I can pick anything I want. Without realizing it, however, I posted pictures of two mulleted pitchers today, and made specific mention of Tommy Hanson’s mullet yesterday (I had a pic of it up, but decided to go with Brandon Phillips at the last minute).

Someone tell me: is this evidence that the baseball mullet is making a comeback, or do I just have some unconscious fetish that’s seeking the rare ones out?

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  1. Matt M said...

    As a follically-challenged man myself, I’ll paraphrase Shrek: maybe you’re compensating for something.

  2. morineko said...

    Lincecum’s hair isn’t short in the front, though; it’s all the way long, iirc, he just pushes it back when he pitches. (Or wears a hat all of the time.)

    I haven’t seen the other two guys hatless, though.

  3. Craig Calcaterra said...

    That’s sad about Lincecum. He should cut the front down.  Million dollar arm, ten cent head . . .

  4. Jason @ IIATMS said...

    business up front, party in the back.

    Lince isn’t sporting a mullet, just long hair.

    sadly.  I love me some mullets.

  5. Alex C said...

    I’m not sure that Hanson really rocks the mullet either. May just be another case of long hair.

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