Dibble to the Nats

Just when you think Nats fans have suffered enough, along comes the latest atrocity:

The Nationals will have a new color man this year for their TV broadcasts: the always-colorful Rob Dibble. MASN announced today that Dibble has signed a multi-year deal to broadcast the games alongside Bob Carpenter. Dibble is replacing Don Sutton, who requested a release from his contract — presumably to take a broadcasting job with the Atlanta Braves.

The eleven people who watch Nats games will soon be suffering unspeakable horror.

(thanks to Wooden U. Lykteneau for the heads up)

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  1. Danny said...

    Dibble is so bad on XM for him to parlay this into a Color job is amazing. This is further indication that Nats are lost at sea.

  2. crowhop said...

    Jheri curl sales in the ATL will see a boon, I suppose.  But if he’s coming back to broacast Braves games, well,…they are going to lose 90 anyway, so what the hell.

  3. APBA Guy said...

    Ok, I like Dibs, and as bad as the Nats are, it will be great to hear him say, at least once “I can still pitch better than (fill in blank)”. And he probably could.

    Many of my friends are in DC where I lived until my Westward migration, and shockingly 3 of them have Nats season tickets. They are using the current economic turmoil and disenchantment with the Lerners to move to better seats. When I heard that, I responded “Like your living room?”. Which did not amuse them. Even Tom Boswell says he’s done with the Nats until the Lerners do something positive or sell the team to real baseball owners. I wonder if Mark Cuban would consider this enough of a unique opportunity to go through the buying process again.

    What did the Mid Atlantic area do to deserve Angelos and the Lerners within 35 miles of each other?

  4. Chris Simonds said...

    APBA Guy -

    I remember Angelos raised a stink about the Expos franchise being moved so close to the Orioles operation, and that MLB had “discussions” with him. Maybe guaranteeing that the Nats would have owners as inept (or uncaring) as he is was part of the deal? Or had ownership already been decided?

  5. BillyBeaneismyHero said...

    Maybe I’m missing the point.  Don’t you want people to tune in and watch/listen to your games?  Are they trying to set an all-time record low for ratings?  I mean, one that the Nats set last year. 

    I hope Manny Acta makes the team bunt a lot.  Rob Dibble loves that kind of gritty, scrappy hustle.  Ugh.  It’s bad enough that I’m subjected to watching approx. 260 games by the O’s and Nats every season, and now I have to listen to one of the dumbest people too?  Who’s next, John Kruk?

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