Do they all get pizza afterwards too?

This is an odd story. A bad English-Spanish translation cost the Cuban team the use of two of its relievers for its elimination game with Mexico on Sunday. They won though, so no harm no foul. And, as the article notes, it may even work to their advantage tonight as the two pitchers are once again eligible and better rested.

Of greater interest to me is the fact that, in addition to a mercy rule, the WBC has enforced pitch counts. Essentially, this is a little league tournament then, right? And I’m still supposed to take it seriously?

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  1. Bill said...

    It would be irresponsible and stupid not to have pitch counts. Removing them would mean there just wouldn’t be any professional pitchers playing in the tournament, at all.

    I felt exactly the same way about the WBC coming into it, but after catching the ends of both thrilling Netherlands-D.R. games and last night’s fantastic USA-Puerto Rico game, it’s awfully hard not to take it seriously. I’m sure there are dozens of things they could do to make future contests better (primarily involving getting the star players to show up and play), but this is a good thing already.

  2. MooseinOhio said...

    I envoked my own mercy rule before the WBC even started and opted not to pay it much attention other than serving as an occasional late night distraction.

    By the way, who else besides the US and Venezuela are still in this thing?

  3. Millsy said...

    Have any games gone into extra innings yet?  With the softball style man on first and second to start the inning (or something)?  I’m still under the impression that this thing is a joke.

  4. Matt S. said...

    I suspect that the pitch caps and rules about pitching consecutive days is a compromise made to MLB team owners so ensure them that their pitchers will not be abused because they happen to have the hot hand this early in the season.

    I think the fact that any player working on the MLB season schedule is ill-prepared for competitive play this early in the spring is the biggest problem with the quality of play overall. Pitchers are still finding the strike zone, hitters still trying to get their plate approaches ready. No one outside of the Cuban and Japanese leagues are full prepared for this thing, and that has been obvious watching the games.

    I personally believe the WBC would be far better off if it took place in early November with players on playoff bound teams being ineligible. We would lose some stars that way but everyone would be better prepared for playing, fans teams who don’t make the playoffs would get a last look at their best players and minor injuries would be less of an issue.

  5. Bob Timmermann said...

    The extra inning tiebreaker that starts with runners on second and third doesn’t come into play in the WBC unless the game goes past 12 innings.

    I don’t know if they made a decision if it would be used in the semis and final.

  6. Osmodious said...

    Oh…and you can apparently be suspended for PED’s in the MLB and that doesn’t carry over to the WBC.  But they DO test for the WBC, too.  They just don’t use the results from an organization as untrustworthy as MLB. 
    Or is that not what we’re supposed to read into this?

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