Don’t mess with Karma

The Phillies are said to be interested in Gary Sheffield and/or Andruw Jones. Signing either of those guys would likely require the release of postseason hero Matt Stairs. Which is something you only do if the player coming in actually has a good shot at bringing something more to the table. Signing Sheffield (bad shoulder, bad wheels, bad attitude) or Jones (bad everything) however, would be an exercise in applied pipe dream studies.

Thankfully the fans in Philadelphia are an understanding, passive and oblivious lot and would never take issue with such a move.

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  1. dc said...

    Word is the Phillies have been scouting Jones for a while – we’ll see. Sheff? Wow is that a long shot.

  2. lar said...

    Is Gary Sheffield really going to give you that much more production than Geoff Jenkins? At least Jenks can field.

    Maybe by cutting Jenks, they don’t have to pay his big salary, and so Sheff at $400k is better than Jenks at $6mil (or whatever)? That’s all I can figure.

  3. Bill B. said...

    The reason the Phillies cut Geoff Jenkins is because they had two left-handed bats on the bench BESIDES Greg Dobbs, who is guaranteed a spot. The Phils had tried to trade Jenkins and his enormous (relatively speaking) contract to no avail, so they simply cut the dead weight.

    Signing Sheffield or Jones wouldn’t necessitate trading or releasing Stairs, but signing both would. However, the Phillies are only going to get one, if they get any at all.

    I would be surprised if the Phillies sign either. GM Ruben Amaro kept pointing to his empty wallet when everyone wanted him to sign Will Ohman or Joe Beimel, so I can’t imagine that he’s been able to re-balance his checkbook to where he has an extra half-mil laying around.

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