Dunn to the Nats

The Big Donkey may finally have a home:

The Washington Nationals have agreed to a preliminary deal with free agent Adam Dunn, a signing that would fulfill their offseason-long search for a left-handed power hitter. Two independent sources have told the Post that Dunn will sign a two-year deal, possibly announced as early as tomorrow.

Dunn’s arrival gives Washington perhaps its most legitimate power threat since baseball returned to DC, and closes the speculation about whether the club had a willingness to pay for higher-end free agents.

You’ll recall I was advocating for this back in December. Complete with promotional tie-in ideas! Of course, if the Nats had moved in December they would have likely been paying way more than I presume they’ll be paying now, so let’s just say I was ahead of my time both for better and for worse.

I would have liked to see the Braves take a flyer on Dunn, but (a) this is a good move for the Nats; and (b) Dunn doesn’t strike me as someone who will care all that much about being on a losing team, especially if his buddy Austin Kearns is still hanging around.

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  1. APBA Guy said...

    Dunn’s arrival creates something of a crowded outfield in DC. With the emergence of Dukes as a legitimate performer (.864 OPS), Milledge (.731) and Kearns (.627) may end up seeing less playing time. Unless of course, the Nats wisely use Dunn at first during the inevitable Nick Johnson injury spells.

  2. Doug said...

    I can’t imagine the defensive damage that Dunn would do at first base.  Love him as a hitter, but can you imagine him taking charge of pop ups in foul territory?

  3. Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

    Nick Johnson will now be traded, ideally for a set of crystal china, a balsa airplane, or something more sturdy than he is.

  4. Josh said...

    We’ll see how Dunn performs at 1st, but I like this move from a Nationals point of view. They desperately needed another bat in the middle of the order and Dunn will be a great fit hitting behind Zimmerman.

    From a pr point of view, the Nationals needed to do something. I’m in DC right now and there has been NO buzz about the Nationals. I’m not saying that Adam Dunn is a savior or anything, but he does give die hard fans like myself a reason to buy a ticket.


  5. pete said...

    Dunn doesn’t strike me as someone who will care all that much about being on a losing team

    Maybe you’re right, but I thought I heard something this offseason about how he was reluctant to go ahead and sign with the Nationals because he wanted to play for a winner.

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