Dusty Ryan called up

I don’t really care that the Tigers have a new catcher, and I don’t even really care that Ryan is on my Scoresheet team and that I can now actually use him (I have kind of abandoned management of my Scoresheet team and am letting it drift like a ghost ship). No, the reason why I link this is because I got a chuckle out of the way Lee at Tiger Tales wrote this:

Sources close to Dusty Ryan are reporting that The Tigers have called up the young backstop from Toledo to presumably replace Dane Sardinha as the backup catcher.

“Sources close to Dusty Ryan?” THE Dusty Ryan? Does he know there’s a mole in his entourage? How was the security perimeter breached? In light of it, will the varying factions of the greater Dusty Ryan community now struggle for access and proximity to Ryan’s inner circle, and maybe even the man himself? Such intrigue!

OK, forgive me. I don’t mean for a second to make fun of Tiger Tales here — and good for them for the scoop. I’m just really, really loopy after a very long week with very little sleep, and that phrase just struck me funny.

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  1. Lee Panas said...

    Yeah, I guess it does sound kind of funny. Whatever it takes to get a link from hardballtimes grin

    Anyway, the sources were friends of family members of Ryan which is why I worded it that way.


  2. Craig Calcaterra said...

    Thanks Lee. Like I said, good scoop (and like I said, I’m just kind of loopy today).  It’s been picked up on ballbug, so I’m assuming others will get it soon too.

  3. YankeesfanLen said...

    Maybe if you didn’t stay up all night counting your column entries…….kind of like Statler Bros watchin’ Captain Kangaroo (sorry, you haven’t been snarky enough lately).

  4. Andy H. said...

    Speaking of Tiger’s prospects, I discovered that their top 2B prospect, just promoted to AAA, is the son of my daughter’s kindergarten teacher.  I thought it was cool, anyway.

  5. Lee Panas said...

    Andy, Scott Sizemore has emerged into a pretty good prospect.  Polanco is a free agent at the end of the year and, if he doesn’t come back, Sizemore has a chance to win the job next year. 


  6. Andy H. said...

    Thanks, Lee.  That’s about what I had gathered about him from browsing around online.  It will be fun to follow him now that I have a ‘connection.’

  7. Dave P. said...

    It was a good weekend for catching Dustys as the Red Sox also promoted catcher Dusty Brown from Pawtucket.


  8. wickethewok said...

    “Dusty Ryan” is a quality baseball name.  No way someone with that name is playing football or tennis.

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