Jermaine Jackson got himself a souvenir yesterday:

In the bottom of the second inning, Dodgers shortstop Rafael Furcal lifted a foul ball toward the area where Jackson was sitting, and Jackson didn’t hesitate. Jermaine, a right-hander wearing a Manny Ramirez No. 99 jersey, made a nifty backhanded grab and celebrated the snatching of the souvenir. Not surprisingly, Jermaine caught the ball while wearing one glove. A baseball glove.

I’d call it an Epic catch, but you’ll remember that Jermaine married Berry Gordy’s daughter and thus stayed at Motown.

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  1. Eddo said...

    I’d say this comes in second place on a Fun Facts About Jermaine Jackson list.  I’m not sure anything will ever top him naming one of his sons “Jermajesty”.

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