Either way, Tony La Russa is vomiting

Tony La Russa yesterday, responding to the considerable criticism of leftfielder Chris Duncan by everyone who isn’t Tony La Russa:

“I get so tired of the unfair treatment of Chris Duncan. It makes me want to vomit. And you can quote me on that. This guy is treated unfairly. These fans have a reputation of being knowledgeable that they deserve but they have a couple quirks. And he is one of them.”

The St. Louis Cardinals, a couple hours ago:

Chris Duncan, the Cards slumping outfielder, has been optioned to Class AAA Memphis.

So does the Cardinals brass make La Russa want to vomit too?

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  1. The Rabbit said...

    The way LaRussa uses a Ouija board to make up his outfield lineup, it’s a miracle that all the Cardinal outfielders aren’t slumping.
    Another random thought: Maybe Torre is batting Kemp 8th to thumb his nose at LaRussa? I’d find that amusing.

  2. TomG said...

    “So does the Cardinals brass make La Russa want to vomit too”

    No, but the extra gin and tonics do.

    Sorry, I just had to. Proceed.

  3. Tripon said...

    Torre went on record that he puts Kemp at 8th because he(Kemp) doesn’t mind batting there.

    The implication is that other guys in the lineup feel more comfortable batting on top.

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