1. Julio said...

    Being both a cat person and one of the few Ruben Sierra fans, this story makes me dislike the current President just a little bit less. 

    Like the nightly hairball, this too shall pass.

  2. royceTheBaseballHack said...

    I have found myself liking cats more since I’ve had a tabby that adopted me about 14 years ago. She’s a great pet.  Also, my daughter lost her very young Alaskan Malamute over the weekend, so our house is also mourning the loss of a family pet. She was as sweet a dog as I’ve ever met.

    On a less sober note – can anyone elaborate on why so many people are down on Sierra? I moved to Arlington in 1986, and seeing him cover right field made me think I was seeing the ghost of Roberto Clemente. Not kidding – going to game to see him was worth the ticket.  He did well for The Rangers when he was here, but they traded him to Oakland for Conseco.  Whenever he stepped to the plate with another team, he was booed heavily by the crowd.  He may have been a turd in the clubhouse, but can anyone enlighten me on why so many people are down on him?  Is he guilty of General Sorryness?

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