Eric Gagne to the Can-Am League

Eric Gagne is making a comeback:

The Quebec Capitales baseball club got a surprise from the major leagues Tuesday in the form of a contract with Eric Gagne, the former star relief pitcher of LA Dodgers, Boston Red Sox and Milwaukee Brewers fame.

The Capitales, who play in the Can-Am League, announced they had signed Gagne who should be at the city’s Stade Municipal getting back into the role of starter in about a week’s time. Gagne will stay off the regular roster early on as he gets his arm back into the swing of things.

“When he’s able to pitch we’ll have a decision to make regarding our veterans.”

He hasn’t been able to pitch since 2004, so if I were the Capitales, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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  1. Matt Aux said...

    I’ll switch to Canadian bacon for a month if he starts as many games in 2009 as he saved in 2008 (10)

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