ESPN’s east coast bias confirmed!

Sharur at Viva El Birdos has confirmed ESPN’s east coast bias, and it has nothing to do with the Yankees and Red Sox.

Rob and Keith — I’m guessing you could somehow use this glitch to your advantage with the payroll department, but I need to put more thought to it.

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  1. Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

    It’s not like nearly half the U.S. population (141M) lives in the Eastern Time Zone. Versus, say, 85M in the Central Time Zone, 18M in the Mountain Time Zone, or 49M in Pacific Tme Zone.

  2. Chris H. said...

    The difference, Mr. Lykteneau, is that those of us in non-EST/EDT timezones know that there are multiple timezones, and we always ask.

    When someone from Chicago or Denver or San Francisco sets up a meeting, they always mention the timezone so that everyone’s clear.

    When someone from New York or Boston or Raleigh sets one up, they just say the time, and we have to ask, “Is that Eastern time?” 

    “Oh, yes, sorry, Eastern time.”

    Mind you, the whole concept of time zones is stupid, and when I’m Emperor, it’s history.  And don’t even get me started on the mind-blowing idiocy of daylight savings time.  And have you SEEN Indiana’s timezones?  Indiana is just asking for it.

  3. Howell said...

    And that’s why we call you guys a name I can’t print in this thread. But if think about a donkey and a large open area in the earths crust you might be able to guess.

  4. Aarcraft said...

    This conversation is reminding me of this picture, which appears to still be accurate.

  5. J. McCann said...

    Maybe that is why they came up with an ESPN Chicago website, since the main one is all BosWash, all the time.

    Now they just need an ESPN-Cali, and we are all set!

  6. Todd said...


    Good point. We certainly wouldn’t want ESPN to have to go through the incredibly arduous process of adding a feature to their website that is so incredibly complex that Yahoo had it in 2001, just to cater to a mere half of their user base.

  7. hilarie said...

    Nobody noticed that Lyktenou’s observation was “*nearly* half.” As in less than. Yes. East Coast bias partisans cite minority status as justification for the prejudice. Next they’ll be whining about how everybody picks on them. Then we’ll hear how the media kowtow to flyovers. Wait. Positing even a pretence of prejudice in favor of where most people are would be blatantly stupid: it’s all the Beltway.

  8. The Rabbit said...

    Once you get ESPN to solve the EST/EDT fantasy baseball bias, maybe we can get fantasy baseball to do the same thing?  I can’t change the time zone there, either.

  9. ayebatter said...

    Wooden U. Lykteneau said…

    So if, like me, we assume half the population are idiots, then can we assume that most of the idiots are in the Eastern time zone ?

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