Even More Jenkins

Boy, Bruce is dealing today. I serve this one up without comment, Quote of the Day-style:

Aside from building a deeply flawed ballpark that has done nothing but embarrass upper management (absurd ticket prices, right field playing like a Little League park, you name it), the Yankees play a loud, ominous-sounding siren — suggesting air raids, car wrecks or a house on fire — when one of their players hits a home run. Who thinks of these things? I’m sure it calls up some great memories for people who associate sirens with the most tragic moments of their lives. Then again, it has been that way for years at Yankee Stadium. You go there expecting class and sophistication, and you get the loudest, most juvenile marketing nonsense imaginable, an overbearing assault on the senses. Hard to believe such a regal structure is run by idiots . . .

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  1. Ben said...

    I agree with Bruce on the sound. It is waaaaaaaaaay too loud at Yankee stadium. I went to a Nats game last night and remarked at how pleasant it was. Not only because there were no fans there, but because the stadium speakers weren’t blasting music at ridiculous levels the entire time. Sometimes it’s nice to just listen to the sounds of the game.

    Though Bruce is contradicting himself. In one sense he calls NYS a “deeply flawed ballpark” in the beginning and then refers to it as a “regal structure” at the end. Well, which one is it?

  2. Sara K said...

    People go to Yankee Stadium “expecting class and sophistication”??  Gosh, I thought that’s what Olive Garden was for!!

  3. Simon DelMonte said...

    Not to excuse such high levels of decibels, but don’t they have a siren of some sort go off every time someone scores a goal in hockey?

  4. Ben said...

    Funny thing about the siren. Other teams use it as well. The Nats, for instance, actually sounded the alarm after the opposing team balked in a run. It really pumped up the fan base

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