Farnsworth: consistency in an uncertain world

I love Posnanski as much as the next guy and look forward to reading whatever he writes about the latest Kyle Farnsworth disaster, but his colleague Sam Mellinger has probably nailed it as well as it can be nailed. After reviewing the moves up to that point in the game, Sam lays out the menu of options before Trey Hillman entering the ninth inning:

So your choices:

a) Soria. He is terrific. Hasn’t given up a home run since last August. Did we mention he hasn’t pitched in six days? And you have an offday coming up? And that he’s one of the best two or three relief pitchers in the world? Huh? Did we mention that? We can light a match, or track down an iPod and play a little G ‘n R for you if that’s your thing.

b) Farnsworth. He has two of your team’s four losses. He gives up home runs at an incredible rate. You’re facing one of the best home run hitting teams in baseball, with the heart of the order due up, in one of the better home run parks in baseball.

If you chose “b,” you are the winner of our stupid little game here, because that’s what Royals manager Trey Hillman did on Sunday.

I watched Hillman manage the Columbus Clippers for a couple of years. He truly is a good manager, or at the very least used to be, so I have no idea why he continues to screw the pooch in Kansas City. All I can hope is that trotting Farnsworth out there like he has is some passive-aggressive way of criticizing Dayton Moore for signing the big doofus to begin with. A “this is what you wanted, this is what you get!” kind of thing. But it can’t be, can it? Hillman doesn’t have the job security for that. Heck, I don’t even Bobby Cox has the job security for that.

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  1. royals # 1 said...

    yeah farnsworth is a joke! i thought it was crazy when they signed him. not sure why they keep running mahay out either. what was wrong with cruz 7 & 8 soria 9th. we win 5-3.

  2. YankeesfanLen said...

    I take perverse delight in watching Farnsworth pitch for any team OTHER than the blue-and-white. He has a retired number in my dipsy-dumpster award

  3. Marco Fujimoto said...

    “Hillman said he never considered using All-Star closer Joakim Soria instead of Farnsworth to start the ninth inning because it was a tie game.

    ‘Not on the road,’ Hillman said. ‘At home, yes. But not on the road. Just simply because the percentages are against you in that situation.’”

    “Because the percentages are against you”…funny…

    So let’s put in a guy who has career BB/9 and HR/9 rates of 4 and 1.39, respectively, in a tie game in one of the top hitters’ parks in all of baseball.

    That’s a nice way to play the percentages…

  4. Rusty said...

    Soria hadn’t pitched in six days and the Royals had a day off after the game.

    No matter what the score was, Soria should have been in the game, just to get some work!

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