Fernando Rodney avoids prison

And gets off with a nice three-game suspension:

Detroit Tigers pitcher Fernando Rodney has been suspended for three games and fined for throwing a ball toward the stands following a game last week.

During a postgame celebration on the field after Detroit beat Tampa Bay 4-3 on Friday night, Rodney threw the game ball toward the seats and it ended up in the press box. No one was hit by the ball, which Rodney said he was throwing to the fans.

If some dude had bolted in the wrong direction it could have meant jail. Based on recent precedent, however, he could have successfully fended off a lawsuit.

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  1. Chris said...

    This is a joke. Does MLB pick suspensions out of a hat? Throw at someone’s head and get fined, toss a ball into the stands and get three games.

  2. Ron said...

    Bob Watson and whoever else levies out these suspensions is out of touch. I agree with Chris.
    Rodney is appealing the suspension says a Tigers spokesperson.

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