Francoeur finally, mercifully given the day off

I just hope this doesn’t mess the rhythm of that new approach we’ve been hearing so much about!

In the midst of his roughest stretch of the season, Francoeur was given a chance to rest during Wednesday afternoon’s series finale against the Mets at Citi Field. The 25-year-old right fielder had started each of the previous 33 games the Braves played this year.

Braves manager Bobby Cox said he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to allow Francoeur to essentially rest for two successive days. Thursday’s scheduled off-day is the last one the Braves will have until June 1. “He’s been going non-stop throughout the offseason and then he played so much during Spring Training,” Cox said. “I just wanted give him a chance to rest.”

Not sure what’s making him so tired. It’s not like he’s been running bases, working counts, or exerting himself mentally out there.

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  1. J. McCann said...

    Assuming he really is popular in Atlanta (not really sure how they feel about him in his home park), shouldn’t he be getting lots of days off against RHP on the road?

  2. Mac said...

    Of course, he (a) sat against a lefty starter, when almost all of what little production he offers is against lefties, and (b) wound up playing anyway as the game went twelve innings, though he saved his energy by going 0-2, making first-pitch outs both times.

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