Frank Fires Back

Well, it was technically the Dodgers themselves who filed the latest brief, this one telling the divorce court — quite reasonably, mind you — that it has no business telling a private company whom it must and must not hire or fire, no matter who owns it. Best quote:

“Given the dysfunction which was caused by the Petitioner’s prior employment, her inappropriate relationship with a subordinate employee and the clear acrimonious relationship between her and Mr. Court (sic), if she were reinstated by order of this Court it would no doubt lead to this Court being called upon to oversee the day to day management of the Dodgers.”

I love how Frank McCourt’s lawyer misspells his name to make it look like it is a totally different party filing this thing. I also love how “The Dodgers” cite Jamie’s “inappropriate relationship.” If this really was the team advocating its own interests separate and apart from Frank’s, don’t you think they’d want to be more circumspect about citing the reasons for the employee’s dismissal? What company cites this sort of thing in a public filing in a case in which they’re not a party?

Of course the answer is that this isn’t really the Dodgers acting in their own interests as a corporation or partnership or whatever type of entity it is. This is Frank trying to get his infidelity allegations out there as soon as he possibly can (his big brief contra Jamie’s will likely take a few days to put together). That “the Dodgers” filing is signed by Frank McCourt’s divorce lawyer pretty much says it all. Are there any minority owners involved in that team at all who can put an end to this silliness and get the team its own representation, or are Frank and Jamie the only people around? It’s behavior like this — and Jamie McCourt’s using the team as her personal bank account as she admitted in her own filing — that gets corporate veils pierced.

And before you say anything: yes, I realize I’m linking TMZ again. I blame Major League Baseball and FOX. If there weren’t so many damn days off in October I’d have some actual baseball to write about.

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  1. DonCoburleone said...

    Haha good point about MLB and FOX.  And don’t be ashamed about linking to TMZ, they are merely providing a service to people who demand gossip. I still say most people who despise TMZ are just jealous that they didn’t realize there was a (huge) market for celebrities being taped while walking down the street or eating at a restaurant.

    And Harvey Levin (i think thats his last name) is a lawyer himself, so why hate?

  2. bigcatasroma said...

    First thing I thought of when I first read anything about the McCourt’s – Pierce that f’ing veil!!!! 

    World Series Prediction, btw:  Phillies in 4.  Why?  Because the Yankees suck.

  3. Pylon said...

    Maybe you could just not write anything instead.  That would be a nice break for those of us who like the site, but could do without your insipid garbage.

  4. Craig Calcaterra said...

    Pylon: just admit it. You want me. I know, I understand. But I’m taken, and you’re just going to have to deal with that.

  5. (Not That) Tom said...

    Maybe you could just not write anything instead.  That would be a nice break for those of us who like the site, but could do without your insipid garbage.

    The ironing is delicious.

  6. Greg Simons said...

    Pylon – Why do you bother reading Craig’s articles and posting comments if you consider them “insipid garbage?”

  7. Donn said...

    This is why I gave up my 4 seats behind home plate last year.  After 31 years the greed of the Dodgers management got to me.  I wrote several letters to Frank, Tommy and such.  I got no replies.  They didn’t care.  All they want is money, and 3 million people gave it to them.  Wait until they start dumping payroll.  We’re in for a long losing streak, just like the Padres … who are going through the same thing.

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