Frozen Ropes and Dying Quails

You may remember The Baseball Project, which was a supergroup of sorts (R.E.M.’s Peter Buck being the biggest name) that put out an album of baseball-related songs last year called “Frozen Ropes and Dying Quails.” I had it in my “must acquire and listen to” file but lost track of it. MooseinOhio had his ears on last night and heard it featured on NPR’s World Cafe last night. Interviews with the principals and some of the music.

A good time killer before tonight’s game.

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  1. Kevin S. said...

    I’m a big fan.  Got it off iTunes after Rob Neyer featured it.  “Ted F*****g Williams,” “Harvey Haddix,” and “The Yankee Flipper” are outstanding tracks.

  2. The Rabbit said...

    Thank you, Craig!  You have solved my Christmas gift dilemma for the members of one of my fantasy baseball leagues.

  3. Pete Toms said...

    I’ve listened to it a ton, somebody bought it for me.

    My kids like Ted F****** Williams due to the repeated use of f*** (they are 6 & 8).  They also like the Yankee Flipper once they figured out that it was also obscenity themed and they like Harvey Haddix.

    I like Past Time, the Jackie Robinson song and the Sandy Koufax song.  My oldest asked me one day what the Curt Flood song was about, which led to a discussion about the reserve clause.

    If you like baseball and roots rock, you’ll probably like it.

  4. Craig Calcaterra said...

    Tad:  oops. Thanks. Fixed.

    Rabbit: don’t thank me, thank Moose. I had forgotten all about this until he shot me the link this morning.

  5. MooseinOhio said...

    “Rabbit: don’t thanks me, thank Moose.” 

    Wouldn’t have that interesting sentence had we been using our real names now would we. smile

    Of course – as a father of a 4 yo, who is into Winny the Pooh, I do recite sentences a lot like that as well as about a Siamese cat with a Chihuahua complex.

  6. Murray Passarieu said...

    Every song is great, but Broken Man almost made me sympathetic to Mark McGwire.  Anyone who likes this album needs to check out anything else Scott McCaughey does, like the Minus 5, but especially the Young Fresh Fellows.  A freaking genius.

  7. Dr Paisley said...

    They are touring right now as Baseball Project/Minus 5/Steve Wynn. Picked up a recent show on teh intarwebs; new songs included “Buckner’s Bolero” and “Ichiro Goes to the Moon.” Excellent stuff. Order the first album here.

  8. Jaime said...

    The best news: on the World Cafe bit they said they’ve recorded a new album that’ll be out around spring training.

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