Get creative, Adam!

Rosenthal has a piece up about Adam Dunn. The first post about it in the BTF thread is from the always insightful Harveys Wallbangers, and it’s pretty brilliant, actually:

If I were Adam I would take a one year deal, play my *ss off and look to re-enter a much better market to start 2010. While the general economy will still be lagging somewhat things will be ticking upward.

Right now there is just too much uncertainty. That and it’s a great excuse for ballclubs to try and “rightsize” their payrolls if only for a year.

This would be a fantastic idea for Dunn. Risky? Sure. He could pull an Andruw Jones and fall off a cliff, I suppose. But given Dunn’s outrageously consistent stat lines for the past few years, if there’s anyone I’d count on to not crater, it’s him.

As Neyer and others have noted, there is damn little available in next season’s free agent market. Another 40 homer season in 2009, and Dunn could set himself up as one of the most sought after guys on the market next season instead of everybody’s fifth choice this year.

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  1. 1988Blues said...

    To be honest it would take more then Dunn to get the Dodger over the top…  Dodgers problem is more for the lack of power.  The lineup is full of 300 avg hitters with 15 to 20 power guys.  If I were Colletti I would sign Dunn to a 3 year contract to play LF to add pressure on Bora$$ to get Man Ram at a more reasonable price.  Well, great then what do we do with Dunn if Manny signs? Move Dunn to 1b then go after an ace named Doc Halladay from Toronto and offer up Loney, McDonald,Elbert and HU for Halladay and Downs… 

    SS Furcal
    CF Kemp
    1B Dunn
    LF Ramirez
    RF Ethier
    C Martin
    3B Blake
    2B Dewitt
    P Halladay

    Now we have a 2 power bats that protect each other with lefty righty combo surrounded by good 300 avg hitters with 15 to 20 HR while letting the kids develope….rotation greatly improves and we finally get an ace…

    5.Schmidt or Stults or Vargas

    Loser in the 5th rotation goes bullpen unless they want to sign either Pettite or Garland.

    – Broxton
    – Downs
    – Wade
    – Kuo
    – Troncoso
    – Stults
    – Schmidt or Vargas

    This way if we are not player in 2010 FA I would be fine spend now while you can get bargains this year and contend for years.

    Why would Toronto trade Doc?  They are rebuilding and lost Burnett and are strapped with Wells contract that hasn’t lived to expectation and yyou just saw all the addition Yankees and Red Sox have done. 

    Hu is a very good prospect and plays a position that the Jays need in shortstop and is MLB ready.

    Elbert and McDonald starting pitching ready and ones a lefty and the other is a righty with high upside.

    Young is a nice outfielder ready to play fulltime with some pop. Jays have a need thier.

    I think we match up very well and we fill thier needs as we fill ours…

  2. Pete Toms said...

    Lots of conjecture up here that Halladay will be dealt. Doubtful it will happen prior to the season ( wouldn’t be good for ticket sales ) but during?….sure….they can’t compete in the AL East with what they have so deal him now and max out the return ( he has a deal until 2010 ).

  3. Grant said...

    Dunn does have old player skills. But I think he’ll be OK for a few more years at least. He’s still relatively young.

  4. 1988Blues said...

    So as a Blue Jay fan would you support your team making that deal?

    Loney, McDonald, Elbert, Hu and Young for Downs and Doc Halladay

  5. bobby said...

    If i were the cubs I would trade Harden, Lee, And Samardja for loney and one of the pithcers alone. If i were the Jays that might be the biggest steal this season due to the economy. Less money and younger

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