Get me! I’m givin’ out wings!

Look, Daddy! Teacher says, “every time a pitcher’s bell is rung, the Angels get us wings!”

That’s right! That’s right!

There could be a shortage of chicken wings in the greater Phoenix area.

The Angels have a promotional tie-in with Claim Jumper, the restaurant offering a free order of “Angel wings” to fans holding ticket stubs to Tempe Diablo Stadium games in which the Angels score 10 runs or more. The Angels reached double figures for the fifth straight home game today, pounding out 18 hits in a 13-3 exhibition victory over the Chicago White Sox. They have scored 103 runs and have 134 hits, 26 of them homers, in their last nine games.

Eh, could be worse. Looking over Claim Jumper’s appetizer menu, it’s obvious that they’d be taking a much greater bath if they had offered the Crispy Shrimp Taquitos.

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  1. jthewolfe said...

    Oh, they have this in anaheim too, although there the tie-in is with Hooters. i once suffered the indignity of watching my precious red sox give up 10 (or 12) at the big A. i suppose i could have salvaged something from the brutal loss by picking up some free wings, but i was too annoyed.

  2. RoyceTheBaseballHack said...

    You know, I’m no expert, but it doesn’t look to me like the Angels offense has caved in without Teixeira.

  3. Aaron Moreno said...

    I was at an Angel game where they scored 10 runs. You could hear rumbling in the stands for the next inning until the PA announced we would get out wings. Suffice it to say, the Hooters outside the stadium was packed.

  4. Jason @ IIATMS said...

    Claim Jumper: delicious, tremendous amounts of “feel food” food.  Of course, you only feel good for a little while before you’re loosening the belt and feeling beyond stuffed.  Everything served with a biscuit.  And butter.  Or fried.

    They have cake slices a foot high.

    And we wonder why America is fat.

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