Gluttony Night

This sounds like a fabulous idea:

The Reading Phillies are looking for big eaters to attend Gluttony Night when the New Britain Rock Cats (Twins) visit FirstEnergy Stadium on Tuesday, May 19 for a 6:35 PM game.

For just $12.00 fans can eat as much as they want from the time the gates open at 5:30 PM until the 7th Inning Stretch. Hot dogs, French fries, pizza, funnel cake, ice cream and fountain drinks are all included in a Gluttony Night ticket.

A pre-game eating contest is also scheduled and sure to delight the crowd. Competitors will race to devour each of the six concession items available on the Gluttony Night menu. The items must be consumed one at a time, in the order of personal choice to bring a little strategy to the proceedings.

I’m not sure if this is evidence of the greatness of America or the reasons why our enemies hate us.

I do know, however, that if you’re going for volume, stay away from the funnel cake. It may seem like a nice fluffy confection, but it will bore its way into your bowels and make you wish you had never been born. It’s also insanely cheap to make, so you’re really not coming out ahead financially either. Ice cream may be your best bet. Dairy is getting expensive, so there are lower margins on that stuff, and unless you’re lactose intolerant, you’ll likely be able to keep level longer with the cold snacks than the hot ones.

Good luck. We’re all counting on you.

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  1. Richard in Dallas said...

    The upper homerun porch at the Ballpark in Arlington is set aside as the “All You Can Eat” section for every game.  For $34 you get a not too bad seat to a Major League game (of a first place team, no less), as well as all the hot dogs, nachos, chicken sandwiches, popcorn, peanuts and soft drinks you want. Given that 4 hot dogs, 2 drinks, and a bag of peanuts is about $35, you can, if you come early and consume all your food for the day at the game, you get the game for free……


  2. Jeff V said...

    Genius would be if the seats in that area are extra wide.

    Funnel cake rocks btw, but yeah I can’t see eating more then two during a three hour game.

  3. Steve Watson said...

    At Fenway Park, where I live, I can get one uncomfortable seat with zero food and less legroom than that—for only like $40 or so. No wonder I stopped going….

    But this entry made me smile and nearly laugh out loud for some reason. Love it.

  4. BillyBeaneismyHero said...

    What’s that I hear?  It’s the collective pants of the Americans ripping.  I’m all for good values (and this is a good value), but events like these are precicely the type of thing that has caused the obesity epidemic in this country.  Then again, if they had “Tossed Salad Night” you’d have the random (and disturbing) combination of vegetarians and confused sexual deviants showing up to the ballpark.

  5. Jason B said...

    “I’m not sure if this is evidence of the greatness of America or the reasons why our enemies hate us.”

    Vegas has 8:5 odds posted on the latter.

  6. J . McCann said...

    I seriously thought about taking the day off from work and going out to this.

    There is an all you can eat plan at the Staten Island Yankees, and I hope to hit up at least one of those this year, but the food variety is limited there.

  7. Drew said...

    Well, thanks to you, I have plans for tomorrow night.  Really.  I’ll be at the game.  I’m mostly interested to see what kind of people show up for Gluttony Night, but for an extra $3 on the cost of your ticket, it’s nice to be able to get a couple of dogs and a soda.

  8. Bob Rittner said...

    I attended a Clearwater Threshers (Florida State League) game two weeks ago called “Food Frenzy Night” which had a similar promotion. All you could eat from their two main food centers plus a few of the stands from 6 PM to 9 PM. The tickets, usually $4-6, were $11.

    Incidentally, I did not know it was a promotion when I decided to go, finding out only once I arrived. Frankly, I would have preferred paying my $4 and forgetting the food option, but they did not provide that choice. I suppose the burger, pizza slice (really half slice), ice cream and water added up to the extra $7.

  9. Starkweather said...

    I think the Dodgers started this as a major league promotion.  It’s a deal in the sense that you spend less this way than if you bought all this stuff at the stadium, but it isn’t like 2 hot dogs, a soda, nachos, and some water would cost that much from a grocery store.  The clubs are usually coming out ahead on these deals.  But this artcile makes me wish that I had some minor league teams closer to me than Long Beach and Rancho Cucamonga.  Also, my own experience with the Dodgers “All-You-Can-Eat Pavillion” (OF bleacher seats with access to all the non-alcoholic excess you can stomach) wasn’t stellar:

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