Goin’ to California

The missus and I are going to San Francisco/Napa for a few days. There’s supposedly a wedding we’re to attend, but this is our first real trip anywhere without the kids, so it could be a lead pencil symposium and I’d be happy. I really need a few days off, and the Bay Area does not suck.

I’m not taking the computer. In fact, in the interests of detoxing, I’m not even going to look at a computer while I’m gone, email included, and I may throw my cell phone in one of those contraband bins at the airport. Anyone who truly needs to get a hold of me knows how to reach me via carrier pigeon or whatever. Upshot: if you email me and I don’t respond it’s not because I’m rude. It’s because I’m checked out.

Please do your best to make fun of poor baseball teams and reference questionable 1980s movies without me for a few days. I’ll be back and blogging on Wednesday.

Take care,


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  1. Greg Simons said...

    Do you have an achin’ in your heart, Craig?

    If so, leave it in San Francisco.

    Hmmm, two song references in one post.  What a dork I am.

    Anyway, have a great time.

  2. YankeesfanLen said...

    Don’t worry Craig, just leave a blank and your trusted cohorts can fill it with inane references to who-knows-what.

    Have a good time.

  3. Tom said...

    “Lead pencil symposium?”

    Is that a euphemism for something you do with the wife when the kids aren’t around?

    If so, enjoy!

  4. Jim Casey said...

    Enjoy. Take some time at Columbus and Broadway, where a real book store, “City Lights”, still exists. And you’re right down the street from where Marilyn and Joe got married, and tons of great Italian restaurants in the neighborhood as well.

  5. YankeesfanLen said...

    This seems like a good place for the inmates (and now, the warden) to take over. I’ll do ATH tomorrow- wait, all I know are pinstripes!

    Never mind.

  6. APBA Guy said...

    Remember Craig, the beloved A’s are playing one of your Ohio teams at the Mausoleum. I hear that plenty of seats are still available.

    Have fun!

  7. Aaron Moreno said...

    Make sure to soak in some of the renowned Bay Area self-superiority, too.

    More importantly, bring back good beer and/or wine. Just remember, it goes in the checked baggage.

  8. hilarie said...

    “Sense of self superiority”? We assume we’re superior to ourselves? But I think I know what you mean: There are a lot of people who somehow smugly come to believe that being lucky enough to live here is a product of their own overall superior character, rather than understanding that such good fortune actually carries with it the responsibility to preserve, protect, and enhance a diverse and wonderful but ever vulnerable part of the earth.

    I do my part by participating in midnight pagan rituals dedicated to magically transporting Brian Sabean to Baltimore or Cincinnati or 1958 (his brain’s home planet). I know it will take a miracle, but it would really improve the neighborhood.

  9. Repoz said...

    Last time me and the wife left our twin boys home alone…we came back to a massivo bikinish beer pong game.

    I was really, really ticked…finishing third and all.

  10. Greg Simons said...

    On Saturday’s Fox broadcast of the Cardinals-Cubs game, Mark Grace and whoever the play-by-play man was were talking about how disappointing Milton Bradley has been.  One of them mentioned that he led the AL in OPS last year at .999 and that the Cubs would have been satisfied if he would put up a .777 mark for them.  I finally got around to looking, and Bradley’s OPS currently sits at .775.  Granted, I’m sure Chicago would like him to be playing more, but I found that to be oh so ironic.

  11. smsetnor said...

    How about this:
    Did anyone else catch Joe Morgan claiming to be the sole inventor of the backhand flip to 2nd base last night?  I did some quick research and saw that he had earlier claimed this in an article about the best middle infield of all time (Don’t even get me started on his shameless self promotion).


    In this one he said he thinks he might have been the first one ever to do this.  Last night, I’m pretty sure he jsut straight up claimed to invent it.  I can’t find anything one way or the other about the truthiness of this.  Because I don’t find anyone celebrating Morgan as the inventor of such a common defensive skill, I’m inclined to believe that this is another one of his made-up or self-promoting tid-bits.  Anyone else have any information?

    (And Yankee fans, I already know Jeter invented the backflip to home on the famous play that cured AIDS and got Giambi out in the ALCS.)

  12. Aaron Moreno said...

    I hope Craig is having a great time, because he already lost the chance to talk about Tom Brady’s bodyguards shooting at guys and Angel Villalona straight up killing a guy.

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