Dick Pole: Going Deeper

In my rush to make an immature joke the other night in the wake of Dick Pole’s firing, I neglected to think hard about the possible reasons for his dismissal despite a more or less decent Reds’ pitching staff. Viva El Birdos is speculating a bit, however:

Isn’t it curious that the Reds fired pitching coach Dick Pole one day after the pine tar fiasco involving Bronson Arroyo? They chose now, w/ three games left in the season, to fire him? Interesting.

So, was Dick Pole involved in the ball-rubbing scandal? We’ll probably never know unless someone offers up a tip.

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  1. The Ol Goaler said...

    From the Cardinals’ perspective, the problem wasn’t that Arroyo was using pine tar—the problem was that John Smoltz was trying to throw slick baseballs!  Smoltz said he’d never seen such poorly-prepared balls in all his years…

    What I don’t quite understand is why using rosin to get a better grip on the ball is legal, but pine tar isn’t.  If it’s a question of the pine tar making a darker mark on the ball, it’s a moot point; as soon as a baseball gets any mark on it these days, it’s thrown out of play.

  2. Chris H. said...

    Reminds me of poor Tony Parrish, the former Chicago Bear safety, who lost a testicle due to a tumor.

    I believe he was only credited with half a sack after that.

  3. Daniel said...

    Upon entering Great American Ballpark’s parking lot, a reporter caught Dick Pole just as he was pulling out.  “If I’d had Wang or Johnson, maybe things would have been different,” he said, “but it’s been a hard last year and I’m leaving with my head held high.”

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