Grandson of Yaz

We’ve come across this guy before, but here’s more on Carl Yastrzemski’s grandson, who will soon be playing for Vanderbilt.

I find the scouts’ comments the most interesting. Maybe Keith Law is more qualified to parse their assessments, but they sort of sound guarded, like the way you sound when someone gives you a clunker of a birthday present or something. “It’s, um, interesting.”

Which makes sense, of course, because no one wants to be the negative nellie in a story about a Yastrzemski in a Boston paper. One hopes, however, that whenever a legacy case like Yastrzemski III comes up that the scouts treat them honestly in their reports back to headquarters. But I wonder if they don’t. Or if, alternatively, they do but the team ignores the bad reports because they see the possibility of increased attendance and media interest as a result of familiar name. Pete Rose Jr., Dale Berra, and Lance Niekro could maybe tell us about that.

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  1. Leo said...

    And don’t forget the wretched saga of Ted Williams’ son.  Even putting aside the awful stuff about fighting over his dad’s frozen body, and his dying of cancer in his 30s, this dolt was a 33-year-old playing rookie ball.

  2. MooseinOhio said...

    It also has to be hard to have such a distinctive last name and play the same sport as HoF granddad (or dad) as opposed to a name like Rice or Henderson that may blend in a little more. 

    I would also be curious to know the percentage of sons that have equal or greater success in the same professional sport of their dad.  I suspect the Griffey’s and Bond’s of the world are significantly outnumbered by the Michael Yastrzemski’s and John Henry Williams.

  3. Keith Law said...

    I saw Yaz’ grandson at the Area Code Games last year – he’s not a pro prospect right now. And Craig’s right about the comments; “He has as good a chance as anybody given his determination and his work ethic” is the scouting equivalent to “she’s got a great personality.”

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