I find this:

California table grapes are joining peanuts and popcorn at AT&T Park as part of an effort to offer healthy food choices at San Francisco Giants baseball games. Jim Howard, vice president of the Table Grape Commission, says pre-washed, de-stemmed Thompson seedless, red flame and other varieties have been at concession stands for about two weeks and sales are “so far, so good.”

Less weird than this:

On Aug. 2, the first 20,000 fans at AT&T park will receive a free “Grapes from California” T-shirt designed by Giants player Pablo Sandoval.

How does that sort of thing go down? Do the grape growers and the Giants say “we need a t-shirt; someone call Sandoval up here?” Does Sandoval have a shirt-design business already? Maybe he wields some sort of power with the Table Grape Commission that we can’t possibly hope to understand. So many questions.

On a related note, does anyone remember this? I have to think there’s some relationship here.

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  1. YankeesfanLen said...

    Don’t remember it (Fresno), but anything with Carol Burnett, Dabny Coleman, and Teri Garr couldn’t be all bad.  Sounds like an elaborate, elongated Carol Burnett show skit.

  2. Richard in Dallas said...

    Didn’t anyone notice the background on that page?  Forget the grapes!  Give me some mac & cheese, Oreos and rocky road!

  3. TC said...

    I all-encompassingly support the sale of produce at baseball games.  If only every other stadium, as well as movie theaters and airplanes, would adopt this approach.  No more microwaved turkey, no frozen hot dogs: no, thank you.  Here is a bowl of grapes, some crusty bread, and a sharp cheddar.  Enjoy!

  4. lar said...

    Well, as a Fresno native, I feel like I have to say something here, but I’m not sure what.

    I’ve never seen the Carol Burnett movie, but I’d love to. I was too young when it came out, and that kind of thing isn’t really rerun ever. I do remember the show “Bakersfield PD”, though, which came out a little while later (I have family in Bakersfield). I imagine “Fresno” was just as insulting, and probably much funnier.

    In 1906, the Fresno had a team in the Pacific Coast League called the Fresno Raisin Eaters. The Grizzlies (Fresno’s current AAA team) had a throwback night a few years ago where they wore Raisin Eaters uniforms. Sadly, this was shortly after I moved away, so I didn’t get to see it. There’s something pretty…special…about a team wearing “Raisin Eaters” across their chest…

    (There’s a great list of themed Grizzlies jerseys over in this Uni Watch post – look under Minor Matters)

  5. Brian said...

    I think I need to find that miniseries on DVD (or even VHS?).  Looks like it would be pretty good.  Sandoval is living the life in SF.  An awesome nickname like Kung Fu Panda, and now designing a grape T-shirt.  He’s living the dream!

  6. Jason B said...

    Andrew – Mitch Hedberg called (from beyond the grave, no less…Verizon now offers plans that offer coverage into the fifth ring of hell).  He wants the writing credit for that bit.  grin

  7. MooseinOhio said...

    Not enough coffee today to think clearly enough but I am sensing a ‘Grapes of Wrath’ type debacle with opposing players be pelted with those seedless little gems.

  8. Chipmaker said...

    I remember watching some of Fresno. It’s a silly riff on shows like Dallas and Dynasty. There’s one hunkish actor whose character, for various reasons (most very contrived), always has his shirt off, or is soaking wet. And of course, there are twists at the end, surprise characters… it was well executed stuff.

  9. aleskel said...

    the irony in this is that peanuts (protein, good fats) and popcorn (fiber) are better for you than grapes (lotta sugar)

  10. Richard in Dallas said...

    But the song says “peanuts and CrackerJack”, which is drenched in liquid refined sugar, which is the worst kind of all…..

    Unless you have season tickets, though, it ain’t gonna kill ya….

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