Great Moments in Being Vicente Padilla

Ladies and gentleman, the man on which Joe Torre depended to stave off elimination in the NLCS:

Dodgers pitcher Vicente Padilla accidentally shot himself in the right leg, the Dodgers confirmed Tuesday, but the wound is believed to be minor.

Whatever. I couldn’t get too mad about that, even if I was a Dodgers fan. What I can’t abide, however, is the fact that one of my NBC colleagues stole the Warren Zevon reference I was going to drop. I’m not going to get a chance like that again. At least until some ballplayer loses their head in a war in the Congo.

I haven’t officially signed my NBC deal yet, but rest assured, prior to doing so I will check the fine print to make sure that I have the authority to have Harkins killed if something like this happens again.

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  1. Michael Caragliano said...

    We still haven’t heard the Dodgers’ left fielder weigh in yet this off-season…. so I call dibs on “Lawyers, Guns and Manny.”

  2. Mark Runsvold said...

    Padilla just released a statement. This may be much ado about nothing. Apparently, the guy was just gambling in Havana and took a little risk. We’ve all been there.

  3. Eric Cioe said...

    Guys, he lives in Nicaragua.  There are no guns, lawyers, or money there.  Just sweat, piss, jizz, and blood.

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