Great Moments in Championship Celebrations

This has nothing to do with baseball at all, but this story sent to me by MooseinOhio is so cool that I gotta post it somewhere.*

After the Celtics won the 1986 championship, [Bill] Walton sat alone in Bird’s kitchen drinking Wild Turkey until after the sun came up.

I told Bird I didn’t believe the Walton story. Simply too good to be true.

“Yeah, it happened,’’ he said. “After we won, me and Dinah went out to K.C. Jones’s restaurant. He had a rib place. I had two beers. Remember how we stopped drinking that year?’’ – the ’86 Celtics swore off alcohol for their playoff run – “Well, I had two beers and they didn’t even taste good. I was tired, anyway, so I went home an hour later.

“Bill came over. It was late. Doorbell rang and Dinah answered and she was like, ‘Hey, Bill. Larry’s in bed.’ I heard him, so I go out and I said, ‘Hey, man I ain’t doing this tonight. I can’t.’ He goes, ‘Don’t worry about it. I don’t even need you. I’m just going to sit down here at the table.’ He had a bottle of whiskey. And he said, ‘I’ll be here when you wake up.’ And he was.

Drinking Wild Turkey in a kitchen until dawn > spraying champagne all over sweaty guys in a locker room. Though, yeah, I suppose those things aren’t mutually exclusive activities after cutting down the nets.

*As an FYI, after the switchover to NBC, I’m probably going to revive my old dead personal blog for stuff that I can’t really post over there, non-baseball stuff, and what have you. As of now there’s only some old remembrances and a road trip diary. It might serve as a nice hangout going forward, though.

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  1. YankeesfanLen said...

    I like the idea of a blog where Shysterites can hide from the rabble.
    Let’s spiff it up a little bit- call it “Craig’s Curious Musings” r something. The Blue Network guys will never find us they think you’re
    A. Some Yankees-hater from some kind of capital in the Midwest
    B. Some Yankees fanboy from some kind of city in the Midwest
    C. Some kind of terrorist from the Mideast
    D. All of the above, as well as an inantimate being to totally ignore once they read the headline to a story and hit “Caps Lock”.

    Otherwise I’ll have nowhere to go for a daily dose of popular culture and other ramblings.

  2. Mode said...

    Sounds great, and thanks for the link to your old stuff.  I hadn’t read anything except Shyster before.

    From 2003 Road Trip Diary: Epilogue and Forward Ho
    “For me it’s all about getting an idea, transferring it from my head to the screen, and working to polish and complete it.”

    Thanks for this quote.  I recently decided to put some of my own thoughts in a blog.  After I posted them, I thought “why did I do this?”  People most likely won’t stumble across it and I’m not going to try to promote my stuff somewhere on the interwebs (although you might call this exactly that).  But really, there is something satisfying in taking your internal thoughts and transferring them to something readable, or on my case, “visible” is probably the more appropriate word.

  3. The Rabbit said...

    Thank you, Mr. Shyster.  I’ve actually read your old dead personal blog in the past and enjoyed it almost as much as Shysterball.
    Always look forward to your insights and those of fellow Shysterball travelers.

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