Great Moments in Economics

The Padres are responding to the bad economy:

The Padres’ much-maligned $9 beer vanished with an ear-ringing bang yesterday as the team cut, slashed and exploded prices on tickets, food and drink.

“There will be no price increase on any concession item in 2009,” proclaimed Mark Grant, one of the team’s broadcasters. “And beer prices will be dropped as part of the Padres’ stimulus package.”

Smoke and flames punctuated the message and perhaps obscured that the cost of that $9 beer is being lowered a scant 50 cents. In terms of bang for the buck, other new Petco Park food and ticket deals are flashier.

Only 50 cents? Looks like I won’t be retiring my hip flask just yet. This is much better:

The “5 for $5,” available at every home game, includes a regular-sized hot dog, peanuts, popcorn, cookie and soda for $5. For an additional $5, fans can swap the soda for a 16-ounce draft beer.

On weekends, fans can land an upper reserved ticket, a Coke and a hot dog for $12.

Still, my plan when I visit my brother in San Diego this year will remain the same as it is every time I go out there: fill up on fish tacos at Rubios, then head to the ballpark.

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  1. Beanster said...

    I moved from CA to the Midwest 5 yrs ago and would kill for a Rubios fish taco or an In-N-Out Burger, which was probably a big reason Jason Giambi moved back to Oakland.  He tried to start an In-N-Out franchise in NY when he signed with the Yankees but they said no.

  2. Aaron Moreno said...

    There was a big debate over this same issue at BP, Beanster, and the response was almost unanimous.

    Wahoo’s over Rubio’s.

  3. APBA Guy said...

    SD is sort of the weekend playground for LA, and for us in SF it’s a little less frequent destination, so the whole Wahoo’s/Rubios thing escapes me.

    I like to park early and go to Dicks and get the peel-n-eat shrimp and a couple of beers, then head to the park. When I’m starting to feel like that next beer I see the price and my wallet stays in my pocket. As a result I drive back to the hotel quite safely.

    The beer price must reflect the Padres commitment to public safety smile

  4. Jason said...

    The Wahoo’s/Rubio’s debate is ridiculous.  It’s not even close.  If you’re looking for a bland, dry, healthy taco…go for Wahoo’s.

    But if you want a real fish taco – beer battered, deep fried, and soaked in yogurt sauce – then Rubio’s (or a local taco shop) is the obvious choice.

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