Great moments in homeland security

Most folks got to this yesterday, but around 3pm my boy got all of the Hot Wheels out and made a big parade in the hallway with them and, well, that was pretty cool, so I played too. Anyway:

A new report by the Justice Department’s inspector general finds that a lawyer for the U.S. Marshals Service arranged for the Marshals Service to provide a private escort for the limousines of Fox’s star broadcasters, Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, after two World Series games at Fenway Park in 2007.

The report also found that the lawyer, Joseph Band, had arranged for a US Marshals escort for Buck and colleague Troy Aikman, the former Cowboys star, after a January 2008 NFL playoff game in Tampa.

People were generally outraged or snarky about this, and frankly, I don’t understand why. Look: none of us like Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, but facts are facts, and the relevant fact here is that Thom Brennaman is a heartbeat away from broadcasting the World Series, and I find that to be a terrifying proposition. Put Buck and McCarver in an armored car if you have to, just don’t give me Thom Brennaman in October.

(thanks to Melissa Danielson for the link. See guys, Sara and Blaze aren’t the only two women reading this blog, so for cryin’ out loud comb your hair, pull your pants up and act respectable for once in your lives)

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  1. MooseinOhio said...

    What!  There are girls in the clubhouse.  Next thing you’ll tell me is that Jim Rice gets into the Hall of Fame and a black man will be sworn in as the President of the United States.

  2. MooseinOhio said...

    Tim McCarver must be taking a page out of George Bush’s play book – that is assuring that the person next in line for your job is disliked even more and considered a scarier proposition.

  3. YankeesfanLen said...

    Did you get that Hot Wheels 3 city set from Walmart for Xmas?  It’s bigger and easier to get around than downtown Boston, and has a better harbor.

  4. Chris H. said...

    I dunno, Craig.  Is Brenneman that much of a downgrade from McCarver?  I mean, they both have a negative VOMBOSISS, so I’m fairly likely to mute the TV with either one…

  5. Ron said...

    Geez, next you’ll be telling us we have to use a plate for our sandwich and coasters for our beers.

    Does the insanity never end?

  6. blaze said...

    I can speak for only myself, but I see no need for coasters or plates – drink your beer faster, dude. The pants, however, tend to be one of those non-negotiables. I won’t hesitate to point and laugh if I must.

  7. JasonB said...

    I may or may not agree with your cogent and insightful analysis of the day’s baseball news…

    But I will *not* pull up my pants.


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