Great Moments in Incentives

I never smoked, but I had a lot of friends who did back in high school, and the greatest thing about it was Camel Cash. Little currency-like coupons with Joe Camel’s face on them that, when collected in great numbers, entitled underage smokers everywhere to exchange them for beach towels and cassette players, and squeezy water bottles and all manner of other branded merch. It was fabulous. My friends were so excited for this stuff that they greatly increased their tobacco intake in order to get better and better swag. The morality of such an incentive program escaped me because, hey, free beach towel.

Now Miller High Life is getting into the act:

Through the Extras loyalty program, Miller High Life will celebrate baseball, as well as many of the players who helped make it “America’s Pastime.” High Life Extras allows legal-drinking-age consumers to earn reward points by purchasing specially marked packages of High Life and High Life Light, and redeem those points for High Life gear. The Extras program is now offering baseball-themed High Life merchandise.

“Extras has been a huge hit with beer drinkers since we launched it last spring, and we believe that offering exclusive High Life-themed baseball merchandise is just another way to keep the program fresh and add value for our loyal fans,” said High Life senior brand manager Kevin Oglesby. “From a High Life baseball jersey to a base-and-bat barstool, the Extras program offers something for all fans. Baseball and Miller High Life have been intertwined for more than 100 years, so this is just one way we’re bringing together the heritage and authenticity of these two American icons.”

Like I said, I didn’t smoke, but boy howdy do I ever drink! Pass me the champagne of beers, friend. Daddy wants an Atlanta Braves barstool!

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  1. MooseinOhio said...

    So after you blow your money, destroy your kidneys and begin your first twelve step program you can sue Miller Brewing, the Brave (including Bobby Cox and any sub-par player), TBS as well as any media source that helped advertise the promotion, the manufacturer for making such an attractive looking stool, Kroger for selling the evil drink, your local watering hole for serving you said evil drink as well as your dog for not being a better friend as all of these folks are responsible for you ruining your life. 

    Did I miss anyone?

  2. Millsy said...

    They’d have to offer me a themed private jet at about only 100 points to drink that stuff.

    I did meet the High Life guy in East Lansing, though.  I hadn’t realized until then that it was possible for anyone to be perfectly round.

    I guess to sell crap like that, they have to have a fantastic marketing team.

  3. Sean said...

    As a college student, I fully support the High Life points program. Rarely do I get the sense of acheivement I’m allowed as when I type that code imprinted on the inside of the case into my computer. And I’ve got the free (free if you don’t count the 300 beers it took to earn the damn thing) hat to prove it.

  4. BillyBeaneismyHero said...

    If I had to choose between drinking Miller High Life and having a hippie spit in my mouth, I think I would take the hippie spit.

  5. Dr Paisley said...

    Miller High Life? I thought you said beer was involved.

    Now if the Royals start something like this with Boulevard, then I’m in trouble.

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