Great Moments in Live Chats

I guess I’m not the only baseball writer who struggles to fit a day job in with the writing:

Buster Olney (1:31 PM)

Hey, guys — I’ve got a call I have to take, I’ll be back in five.

Buster Olney (1:43 PM)

Sorry, guys… I had to take that call. Back to the chat…

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  1. Zach Sanders said...

    Thing is, his call was probably from an important front office executive giving him info.

    Other people’s are typically less exciting.

  2. Grant said...

    Seems like Buster and Law both take calls during chats (Buster perhaps more frequently, though I mostly stopped reading him a couple of years ago when I got sick of his backward-looking way of approaching the game). It’s a consequence of being well-connected, i suppose.

  3. Craig Calcaterra said...

    You’re probably right Zach. I just got a giggle thinking of Buster working at, like, an accounting office or something and that he had to take a call from the boss.

    Some of these posts are more for my own amusement, by the way.

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