Great Moments in Niche Blogging

Reader and Dodger fan Josh Fisher has found his bloggy calling. It’s called Dodger Divorce. But allow Josh to explain it:

Greetings, Dodger fans, and a pleasant afternoon to you, wherever you may be. Welcome to Dodger Divorce, a blog designed to be your one-stop shop for news and insight into the McCourt divorce and how it will affect the Boys in Blue.

If you’re a Dodger fan, I presume that you’ll want this blog to run out of content as soon as possible. Based on what we’ve seen in the last week, however, I see no danger of that happening.

Good luck, Josh!

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  1. Aaron Moreno said...

    I’m not a Dodger fan, but I get my bar results next month, and seriously, I am using all of the McCourt documents as personal templates.

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