Great Moments in Plagiarization

ESPN plagiarised — and then un-plagiarised and apologized for plagiarising – a story on my NBC colleague Mike Florio’s Pro Football Talk blog. Best part of it is the first comment on ESPN’s article after the correction was made:

Jesus… at least plagiarize a legitimate site… you’re now poaching off of a failed lawyer’s sports blog

That works for me on so many levels.

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  1. Josh Fisher said...

    Quite a heartfelt apology, huh? “Should have been attributed…” I guess I shouldn’t complain—it’s a fairly tacit admission that ESPN straight stole content. It beats some sort of mistake defense along the lines of “I didn’t know that stuff they were injecting in my butt that made me crazy strong might have been steroids.”

    By the way, Craig, I know you don’t twitter (or if you do, it’s pretty stealthy). But I’d check this every day or two: . Pure gold. I put him in my DD account just to add some humor to the feed.

  2. Craig Calcaterra said...

    Yeah. I was kind of trying to be funny at the time, but as I sit here right now, I’m not sure what made me think I was being funny.

  3. Bruce Markusen said...

    ESPN—what an organization. To think that ESPN was the first channel I turned to back in the 1980s.

    Between the sex scandals, the constant claims to “scoops” (which often seem to be claims to stories that have already become common knowledge),and now a blatant example of plagiarism, ESPN has much to be proud of in recent years.

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