Great Moments in Rain Delays

Fun time in Cincinnati last night! First it was Jeff Brantley professing his admiration for Ted DiBiase, then some fine folks from my town decided to go all Rick Dempsey on us:

During a lengthy rain delay at Tuesday night’s Cincinnati Reds game, two men jumped from the stands onto the field – one of them flopping onto the tarp covering the infield and sliding on his belly. Cory Allen, 20, of Columbus and Casey Allen, 25, of Hilliard, Ohio, are facing charges of criminal trespassing and obstructing official business. If they are related was not clear. About 8 p.m., one of the men ran onto the field, reports said. He executed the belly flop to loud applause and tried to run away, but slipped on the wet outfield grass and was apprehended. He was led away in handcuffs. The other man ran onto the field, jumped back into the stands, but later ran on the field again. He again jumped back in the stands, but was surrounded and apprehended.

Each man faces up to 120 days in jail if convicted.

Put differently, these men could conceivably get four times longer in jail than Donte Stallworth is getting for killing a guy while drunk driving.

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  1. RSN said...

    I sat through most of that rain delay last night.  It was exactly as you’d picture it, two skinny shirtless guys jackassing around. 

    Two of Cincinnati’s finest executed a nice open-field tackle on the first one, out in short center.  Cop’s hat even flew off on impact.

    The one that jumped in and out of the stands clearly didn’t think things through and formulate an appropriate exit strategy, as he initially ran onto the field, slipped and fell on his rear, then back into the stands only to find a phalanx of ushers closing in.  He jumped back onto the field, only to find cops closing fast.  He narrowly escaped the cops as he jumped back into the stands, only to find, amazingly, the ushers were still there.  Handcuffs ensued.

    Quite entertaining for those of us huddling in the top six rows, waiting for the rain to pass.

  2. Drew said...

    The problem, of course, is the Stallworth decision.  We can’t start playing the game of trying to measure sentences against it since it’s clearly the problem. 

    On another note, I’d like to think we could write up a couple of guys using the tarp as a giant slip and slide as “no big deal”, but that sort of thing can snowball, and you’ve got to draw a pretty hard line about keeping people off the field.  Monica Seles would tend to agree it’s better safe than stabby.  I’d imagine the good judgment of the court probably wouldn’t find for the maximum punishment anyhow.

  3. Craig Calcaterra said...

    I don’t disagree with any of that, Drew. It’s been a heavy day for me thought-wise, so I’m just throwing some lazy stuff out there now.

  4. Wells Oliver said...

    Though to put _some_ context on it, Stallworth did hit a guy who ran across a freeway. My money is on Stallworth still hitting that guy stone-cold sober.

  5. Richard in Dallas said...

    When a similar situation (LONG rain delay, couple of Bud Light receptacles posing as fans) occured in Arlington back in early May, I was told by a security guard that they typically get just the one night in the hoosegow, plus a $1500 fine, and are barred from future entry to the Ballpark as long as is allowed by statute (I think 5 years).
    Night in jail – no big deal
    $1500 – I can get by that on a payment plan

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