Great Moments in Self Promotion

On Thursday evening I sat down for an audio interview with Rob Zeida of The Card Podcast. We talked about Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, obscure Atlanta Braves of the 1980s, blogging, herpes, Gaylord Perry and a lot of other fun stuff. The podcast can be found here (I’m episode 23). I’ll warn you, however: I was enjoying a tasty Maker’s Mark during the interview, so I got a bit loquacious. As a result, the interview is like an hour and a half long.

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  1. Rob Zeida said...

    I really said “You know” too many times, going to work on that one….. STD talk begins, where it should related to baseball, when we discuss Derek Jeter.

  2. stdgirl said...

    Whatever, be careful. STD cases on the rise!
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