Great Moments in Self-Promotion

I was on News-Talk 1400 WDWS AM’s SportsTalk show this afternoon talking baseball with host Brian Moline. You can hear the broadcast — in fancy podcast form — here. I come in at the four minute mark, and we talk about blogging, the Cardinals, the Cubs, Geoff Baker, Sir Sidney and a few other things.

Oh, and I sort of mumble more than I thought I did.

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  1. Brian said...


    Steve is not in my basement (as far as you know).  He’s just taking a well-deserved vacation.  You’d be surprised how many Cards fans don’t really like Tony LaRussa.  At least it surprises me, with his track record.  Anyway, I’m looking forward to our conversation and hope all of your Chambana (Champaign-Urbana) readers can join us!

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