1. Craig Calcaterra said...

    Must be one of those visceral things, Greg. My first look at it was “my, Bernie looks happy.”  I guess you can read different things from it the longer you look at it.

  2. Peter Earl said...

    I really got to agree with Craig here, and not just because this is his blog.  If you look at Williams you can read the pleasure as one of contentment.  Kinda like after you’ve opened your presents on Christmas morning.  Not ecstatic pleasure or nervous anticipatory pleasure but good old fashion warm glow.

    At least that’s my interpretation.

  3. Simon DelMonte said...

    Despite claims to the contrary, Bloomberg is not much of a sports person, IMO.  He’s there because he has to be.  With an election coming and the second toughest job in America, I suspect he would rather be sleeping anyway.

    And at that hour, who can blame him?

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